5 Tips To Decorate Home In A Bohemian Chic Theme

Designs, which are artistic and unconventional, are often termed as boho. This will help you understand the bohemian style and decorate your home. The term bohemian refers to a group of gypsies who came from Bohemia, a place in the Czech Republic. Nowadays, people love to decorate their house in the bohemian design, which takes inspiration from the 1950s to 1970s. If you are looking for bohemian pieces, try the block shop promo code to avail discounts.

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Ideas for boho chic home decoration

Some ideas to decorate your house in boho chic style is discussed below.

1. Rustic and natural finish

Back in the ‘70s, people used to utilize natural materials such as hemp, rattan, sisal, and wood. Opt for woven wall pieces, a sisal rug, a macramé plant hanger, a decorative ladder, and leather footstool. Don’t just limit yourself to natural elements. Use a metallic Buddha or a floor lamp alongside your wooden chair.

2. Opt for vintage pieces

Choose interesting and unique pieces to decorate your home or your room in a bohemian design. Try to opt for mid-century modern accessories that depict the ‘60s or ‘70s. For example, you can use a gallery wall of magazine cover from the ‘70s or a mid-century arc lamp along with a tribal printed rug.

3. Play with colors and patterns

The hallmark bohemian chic design includes the mix and match of various colors along with a variety of prints such as floral, tribal, or geometric prints. For those who do not prefer bright colours can choose cognac, olive green, rusty orange and mustard yellow.

4. Choose Global accents

To achieve the global look you can choose from Moroccan lanterns, Buddha statue, Ming-style urns and vases and Indian tribal prints. Those who are traveling to distant lands can bring back souvenirs that will help you decorate the house in a bohemian chic theme.

5. Stress on culture

We know to get a bohemian chic themed room; you need books and arts. Pile a bunch of books on the coffee table, frame album cover as wall art, or hand an art piece on your gallery wall. There is no rule that guides you, and you are free to design the place according to your liking.