5 Reasons Why Gluten Free Pizza Is Healthier

It’s estimated that about 6% of people in the U.S. suffer from gluten intolerance. This number might not seem big, but when you consider the size of the population, its prevalence becomes clear. If you’re part of this group, you know that many foods such as bread and pasta can be an unpleasant experience — and this is tragic if you happen to also be a pizza lover. Luckily, thanks to culinary innovations pioneered by Papa Johns, you can enjoy gluten free pizza near me — guilt- and pain-free. Read the top five reasons why gluten free pizza is healthier for everybody.

Gluten Allergy Concerns for Many

  1. Gluten intolerance is a spectrum. One of the most important things to understand about gluten intolerance is the fact that symptoms can vary widely. Even if you haven’t been formally diagnosed with celiac disease, for example, it’s possible that you may be sensitive to gluten — and thus experience a negative reaction when you ingest it. If you suspect that you might have a gluten sensitivity, you can avoid the possibility of a bad reaction when you opt for gluten free pizza.
  2. A gluten allergy can be painful if triggered. Anybody who’s sensitive to gluten knows that it can be an unpleasant experience if you accidentally consume too much. In addition to psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression, you’ll likely feel digestive upset in the form of gas, bloating, and sometimes even severe abdominal pain. You don’t have to accept these painful consequences just because you have a craving for pizza. Look for pizza delivery that offers gluten free options.
  3. Gluten free is just as delicious. If you think that ordering a gluten free pizza means you’ll be sacrificing flavor, think again. Papa Johns gluten free crust is held to the same standard of excellence as its traditional crust, and it’s seasoned with the same impeccable flavorings that you’ve come to know and love. Gluten free pizza is just as delicious as every other offering at Papa Johns.

Less Bloating Equals More Pizza

  1. Eat according to your needs. A gluten sensitivity can make your eating options considerably limited. Nobody wants to build their meals around the possibility of an upset stomach, but for many gluten free people, it’s a necessity. You can avoid this when you opt for a pizza that you know is gluten free. Eat to satisfy your hunger instead of stopping at just one piece — your stomach will thank you, and your cravings will be satisfied.
  2. Enjoy innovative new flavors. Gluten free crust isn’t the only innovation that’s been introduced by the new Papa Johns CEO. Enjoy an array of other new menu items and pizza toppings, some of which are also gluten free. If you’re looking to feed a crowd, Papa Johns has something for everybody, and you never have to worry about dealing with digestive upset when you choose gluten free pizza. Whether you’re gluten free or you simply love great pizza, Papa Johns is the way to go.