5 Medicinal Herbs and Their Uses

For many years, people have been using herbs to treat various conditions. Herbs like swiss cannabis have been known to offer a tremendous amount of health benefits including anxiety relief and depression elimination. How many types of herbs do you know and what are they used for? Here are some of the herbs and their medicinal relevance to human health.

Chamomile Flowers

This is a herb that has been known to cure all types of illnesses but mostly, it is used as a sedative and an anxiolytic compound. It is used in people to promote mental relaxation so for those who have anxiety disorders, this is the best herb to take. If used by people who have panic attacks, it helps to reduce the attacks thereby making people feel better. Even FDA recognizes the treatment benefits of Chamomile flowers so you can always enjoy excellent benefits.

Echinacea Roots

This is a very crucial herb because it helps to treat a wide range of benefits including colds, flu, and infections, and also accelerates wound healing. This is because it boosts the immune system making people resistant to all sorts of infections. If you have a viral infection, you can use this herb and it will help reduce the spread of the virus. Don’t use it if you are allergic to plants of the daisy family because it can lead to allergy which is not good for your health.


As the name suggests, this plant was used to mainly treat fevers. This is because of its anti-inflammatory process. It is therefore capable of reducing headaches so that you able to live without pain. Together with swiss cannabis, you can eliminate common migraines. They prevent inflammation and infection in the skull so no fluid can accumulate to cause an increase in intracranial pressure.


This is one of the most underrated herbs in the world. It has antimicrobial effects so it can be used to treat stomach infections and other types of bacterial infections. It lowers cholesterol in the body thereby preventing people from atherosclerosis and hypertension. With its fat-dissolving effect, the garlic can help to reduce excess adipose fats and enable you to have an optimum weight. Don’t use garlic with warfarin because they are all blood thinning products that may affect your body negatively. It is approved by the FDA as well so it is safe to use.


For many years, ginger has been used to reduce a chemical called histamine which causes nausea in people. Pregnant women have been using ginger to reduce nausea and vomiting so that they retain nutrients. even people undergoing chemotherapy who are feeling nausea can use this herb and enjoy better health. The common side effects of the ginger are stomach bloating and gas so when you feel like your stomach is full of gas, you need to stop using it. Heartburn is another side effect but if your body gets used to it, the side effects will disappear on their own.


Natural herbs are significant in the fight against chronic conditions. For you to be able to enjoy excellent health, make sure you use herbs daily so that you reduce the chances of you acquiring chronic illnesses like hypertension. The best thing is that these herbs don’t have any side effects and if they do, the side effects are not that serious and subside within a very short time. Ginseng and milk thistle are other examples of natural herbs that you must use if you want to enjoy excellent health. Don’t use the herbs with pharmaceutical medications because they may interact and cause harm.