4 Things Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Look for to Determine the Settlement Value of Your Case

Did you get injured at work and want to know how much is your case worth under Workers’ Compensation law? Unfortunately, it’s one of the hardest questions to answer as without knowing the details, no one can tell you the settlement value of your case. First of all, you need to know whether you have a legit case as there are a lot of things that affect Workers’ Compensation. If you do have a case, here are 4 things that a Workers Compensation injury attorney looks for to determine the ballpark value of a settlement—

  1. Off-Work Duration – The first thing that a Workers’ Compensation attorney wants to know is your time off work. In other words, for how long you have been without work, and have you already been paid for that period. This is an important piece of information because, under the Workers Compensation law, your employer owes you about 2/3rd of your salary — if you’re missing work with the doctor’s knowledge. If there’s a large amount of back pay, you can usually settle your case for a lot more value.
  2. Injured Areas of the Body – The second bit of information that a Workers’ Compensation injury attorney looks for is which part or parts of your body are hurt and whether you are fully recovered or still have serious issues with continued medical care. Also, they want to know what kind of treatment you got — whether you had multiple surgeries or was it a few visits to the doctor. The more serious the injuries and more medical care you have received, the more valuable your settlement. Well, if you need some of the best lawyers, you can contact Carlson Meissner Hart & Hayslett, P.A. – Spring Hill Office for help.
  3. Work Restrictions (If there are any) – The next thing that a Workers’ Compensation attorney needs to know to determine the settlement value of your case is whether you have a permanent work restriction or your doctor has approved you for full duty work. If the injuries sustained at work have resulted in a condition that you can never go back to your job, your case is probably worth a lot more money. However, if your doctor has released you to full duty, meaning you are able to return to your job without any problems, your case is still valuable but worthless money.
  4. Earnings – Earnings of an injured employee carries a great significance in Workers’

Compensation. The information is important because, under the Workers Compensation Act, the benefits are evaluated based on weekly earnings. To evaluate your settlement, the attorney wants to know how much money you made per hour or how many hours a week you worked.

Workers’ Compensation cases are often tricky, and it’s not possible to incorporate every important detail in a short post. To know how much is your case worth, get in touch with the best Workers Compensation Attorneys for legal representation and guidance. They will help you get the compensation you deserve.

You always need to have some professionals on your side so you can make the right decisions without committing any mistakes.