4 pros in favor of young game providers, or why you should pay attention to newbies

The world of virtual slot machines is big enough – many developers with their own style, hundreds, if not thousands of slots on different themes with devoted fans. To understand this, a separate study from specialist. Such a professional from the Ausslots team told in detail publication, how things are on the market for gambling software providers and what aspects should be paid attention to by representatives of the gambling business.

“To begin with, I’ll tell you where the legs of my expertise grow from. I’m pretty I have been working in the gambling industry for a long time and I myself am a practicing player in casino. Like many gamblers, I naturally like to spin slots. When you are faced with video slots every day, on both sides of the “barricades”, involuntarily you begin to treat them differently and consider them with different parties: you follow the market of suppliers, you always find out in advance about upcoming new items. You have the opportunity to touch them before others and appreciate and from your belfry. Track statistics and popularity slot machines on their projects and in the community as a whole “, – noted specialist.

“Let’s try to figure out what this ‘surveillance’ has led to. On the market game software providers, as in any other area, exist “Mastodons” of the market, as well as young, energetic providers who also want to bite off a piece of the audience. And I want to tell them really have something to offer operators and players. ”

Recently, the most eminent manufacturers began to give up their positions a little

Apparently, not only we noticed that Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Yggdrasil, Quickspin and others have not released the “cunning” on the market for a long time. Some are gone in the release of games from young studios, some buy out all possible branded franchises, many packs release Megaways versions of their once hype slots. If you look at the statistics of the players, it becomes clear that most of all plays the old games of eminent manufacturers equally – they are both more familiar and “give” many. In addition, new games and young providers are promoted by operators reluctantly.

Despite this, if you look closely, you can see that only for the last a few years, nevertheless, quite a few appeared young game producers

They are actively trying to sell themselves, so they are ready to be as flexible as possible in their terms of cooperation and development – it is obvious that everyone wants to work, wants create a great product and try our best to provide information about their product has reached the end consumer, that is, the player.

“That is why working with young providers and promoting their product are always a win-win situation. ”

From communicating with some new players in the market, such as Mascot and Gamzix, it is easy to conclude that these young guys are very deeply involved in the market and its trends. Have they are great at keeping up with new trends in promotion thanks to using a set of tools that have proven themselves in the market:

  • The mechanics of the games are taken quite popular.
  • The portfolio contains 1-2 positions that are suitable for any geo.
  • Free Spins different types and variations.
  • Tournaments that are flexible enough in their settings and do not require any additional integrations – you can immediately take and carry out.
  • Network promotional campaigns.
  • Various price drops.

Why should a business pay attention to newbies

Firstly, excellent financial conditions for both parties, where the operator receives great discounts and royalty rates, and the provider gets traffic to their product.

Secondly, this is an excellent product: “Book of …” – it is also “Book of …” in Africa. As shown our practice, players who love these mechanics react quite positively on a new wrapper for their favorite “books.” But if we add to them multichance, choice, feature buy or everyone’s favorite megaways, it works just fine. The question arises:

if the provider has a really great portfolio, good games and they are not ashamed show the players, why not?

Third, good business relationships with young providers are almost 100% cases create good prospects for the future. This can be, for example, early access to a new game. The operator should not be stopped by the fact that the new game is from the young provider often does not cause the proper “hype”: if the game is good and it will go players, then all the community chats will thunder about how awesome she is. Will be glad operator, that only he has the game in early access? Undoubtedly.

Young providers are always ready to help

This is perhaps the last, but no less important, advantage of working with young people game manufacturers. These can be presented art for their promos, which allows you not to take the time of the operator’s in-house designers. Or maybe development of a new promotional tool that will be of interest to both parties.

In the practice of Aussi online casino, there was a case when the operator submitted an excellent idea and together was an excellent promotional tool for Daily Rewards has been developed, which the operator brought only positive results, and delighted the players with prizes.

“To summarize – we sincerely do not understand why operators shy away from work with young players in the gambling software market provision. This vector opens up excellent prospects and does not cause absolutely no negativity from the end consumer of the product and service.

The operator gets an excellent slot at a good price and on mutually beneficial conditions and flexibility in work, which, unfortunately, the clumsy market “mastodons” cannot always provide. On the one hand, it is, of course blurs activity across other providers, which can result in a drawdown in the number of active players, but if all use it correctly and wisely – then everyone will be happy “, – summed up the expert. Australia no deposit bonus are always available at gaming casino points.