4 Basics You Need to Get Started as a Writer

If you have a way with words and want to get set up as a writer, either as a side hustle or your full-time business, then you are going to need some hardware and software to help you get your new career off the ground. The good news is that starting a side hustle or a business as a writer doesn’t require a lot, and it’s quite inexpensive to get started. If you’ve always aced spelling tests and can find creative and unique ways to get a point across, then there’s nothing stopping you! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, then here’s what you’ll need to get set up.


First things first, you’re going to need a computer. As long as you have a machine that can handle a decent amount of work and has a sturdy keyboard, then you’re good to go. You don’t need anything with a powerful processor or a fancy graphics card, as a basic laptop or PC is more than enough for general word processing and browsing the web for researching the topics you are writing about. Most writers prefer to work on a laptop, since this offers them more freedom. You may want to think about whether you will only be writing from home, or if you want the ability to take work with you when traveling, or just to your local coffee shop for a change of scenery.


A printer is not always necessary for writers as more and more work is now being published online. If you’re mainly writing content for blogs, online news sites and websites, then chances are that you won’t need to print much at all, if anything. However, a printer can still be handy to have if you are sending print invoices in the mail to your clients, for example, or just want paper copies of your work or records. Check out Lenovo.com for business printers and a wide range of other tech products.

Word Processing Software

You will need to get some basic word processing software that you can use to write into. Microsoft Word is a popular option but if you do not want to pay for MS Office, then you can always use Google Docs for free. Google Docs is also a good option if you have a cheaper laptop like a Chromebook that uses online apps rather than downloaded software. It saves your work automatically to the cloud, too, which makes it easier to use with a computer that doesn’t offer a lot of hard drive space.

Other Software

While you can get started as a writer with just the above and an internet connection, there are other software types you may find useful. Plagiarism checking software is a good investment to make as even if you are writing in your own words, duplicate content is always a risk, especially if somebody else has written a similar article. Grammar and spell checking software, such as Grammarly, is also worth getting as typos can happen to the best of us.

Whether you’re interested in writing as a side hustle, writing a book, or want a career as a copywriter, these are the basics you’ll need to get set up in your new career.