2022 Tips to Clear Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification Exam

This accreditation qualifies you to contribute to an organization’s growth, opening lucrative job opportunities. It improves your competitiveness and is one of the most effective methods to begin a professional career. The Salesforce CPQ Specialist test is unquestionably challenging to pass. Here is a  Study Guide to assist you in passing this test.

“Those who have previously worked with the Salesforce CPQ solution should pursue the Certified Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification.”

This certificate is for Salesforce customers, collaborators, and workers who want to show off their expertise and abilities in developing, constructing, and executing quoting flows using the Salesforce CPQ platform. Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialists have shown their competence to create package configurations, prices, output papers and renewals, and revisions once certified.

Exam Information

skills Acquire

A successful candidate for this test will be able to complete the following tasks:

  • First, there’s the Composite summary variable.
  • Blocking with a discount schedule
  • Nested bundles.
  • Nested quote words
  • Advanced grouping
  • Advanced quotation template subjects.

Prerequisites for the Exam

CPQ Specialists should be familiar with the Salesforce CPQ network and CPQ terminology and be capable of solving and resolving fundamental platform issues. Additionally, the candidate must have a minimum of one year of experience as a CPQ Specialist.

The following job types are included in the Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist:

  • First and foremost, IT
  • Sales Operations.
  • Technical Architect
  • a consultant for implementation
  • additionally  furthermore services
  • Product Manager
  • Then there’s the Pricing Manager.

Study guide

Step 1: Go over the exam objectives again

First of all,  make sure you know the latest test information before studying for the certification exam. What if certification examinations are constantly updated as new technology is introduced?

As a result, your initial step should be to visit Salesforce’s website Dumpspedia and see if you and the website are both on the same page. If not, make sure you’re up to date on all of the latest exam information.

Step 2: Save the Exam Outline to your computer

The most significant aspect of every certification test is the exam outline. The exam outline is also freely accessible on the official website. The following domains are covered in this exam:

Step 3: Trailhead Significance

A significant component of your preparatory guide is Trailhead. You can use Trailhead to examine online documentation, tip sheets, and user manuals, as well as search for and study information relating to the topics specified in the Exam Outline portion of this guide.

Step 4: Begin with a training course

For tests like the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification, getting hands-on experience is essential. So, a simple way is to enrol in a CPQ Specialist training course. You may familiarise yourself with training courses on the subject. On the other hand, Salesforce provides prospects with a variety of possibilities. So, if you want to improve your talents, go to the website.

Step 5: Become a member of the community

You know, we’re trapped with one thing or another from time to time. Well, we’re all humans, so that’s a given. On the other hand, joining a community will be beneficial if you get stuck with your preparations and need aid from an expert or consultant.

Step 6: Books to Think About

Reading books results from the habit of thinking.

Step 7: Practice Tests

Salesforce CPQ Specialist practice exam are designed to help you prepare for the actual exam methodically. We all know that practice makes perfect. As a result, taking a sufficient number of examinations will prepare you for the exam. Furthermore, these tests assist you in identifying your areas of weakness. Mastering them will almost certainly result in exam success. Practice exams must be included in your Preparatory Journey to keep ahead of the competition and enhance your confidence.

Last Thoughts

If you’re thinking about taking the CPQ Specialist test, I strongly advise you to make a study plan. The strategy I described in this post worked well, but different approaches may be more effective for you. Best wishes!