10 Birthday Theme Ideas

Birthdays are a chance to have fun and celebrate a brand new milestone. A birthday deserves lots of special attention. One of the best ways to organize your birthday party is with a birthday specific theme. Now is the time to think about what you like to do and why. Working with G&E Designs can help come up with a fabulous bash everyone will love.

Cheese Board

Cheeses come in many incredible varieties that people adore. You and your best friends can explore the wonderful world of cheese on your birthday. Consult with your local shop. Ask them for help in creating a series of cheese tastings. This is a good thing to pair with other types of food including crackers and lots of different deli meats. Cold beer and wine are the perfect beverages to add to your shindig.

Chocolate Party

Everyone loves chocolate. There’s a good reason for that. Make chocolate the theme of your day. Offer your guests lots of types of chocolate including white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Chocolate tastes even better with other things. Get out bowls of nuts, dried fruit and marshmallows for your guests to create their own chocolate favorites. Brownies and chocolate cake should be on the menu. End the meal with a glass of steaming hot chocolate.

Jewelry Making Time

Bring in the bling with a party based around making jewelry. Look to your local craft store for help. They’ll have dozens of types of beads as well as jewelry making tools. This is an ideal way to give your guests a memorable keepsake as you make your own bracelets.

Mani Pedi

Treat your guests to some much needed pampering with a spa day. Book a full day of fun at your local beauty treatment place. Guests can pick out the colors they like best on their hands and feet. The mani pedi is a good idea if you’d like to have some relaxing fun. Serve champagne and a supply of nibbles to go along with the activities.

Movie Night

Turn your home into a movie theater. Set up that basement so everyone can watch a few favorites right now. Offer your guests popcorn, nachos and lots of chocolate as they sit back and watch the screen.

On the Town

A night on the town is a good way to let your hair down. Take the time to map out a tour of your favorite places in your area well before your planned birthday. Consider a mixture of the well known and the unexpected. Contact each bar to confirm they’re open. Hand your friends a map and you’re on the way to a good time.

Perfect Pets

Pets are beloved members of the family. Think about your adored kitty or doggy. Make them the center of the party with animal party favors. Ask your friends to bring a photo of their own animal companions.

Poetry Slam

Encourage your friends to be creative with a poetry slam. Before the party starts, type up lots of different randomly chosen words. Then print them out. Cut up the results. Place the words in a bucket. Have your guests pick out three words. Ask them to come up with a piece of poetry based on the words they’ve chosen. Play music and let your friends let out their innermost feelings.

Wine Lover’s Paradise

Wine is one of those drinks all appreciate. This is a good choice for a birthday party if you’re of legal age to drink. Offer a wine bar where people can try all sorts of varied vintages. Create a table centerpiece with a dozen types of grapes. Use great glasses with your name on them so everyone can toast your happy day.

Sailing Away

Sailing is a great way to spend an afternoon. If you’re someone who loves the open seas, now is the time to go for it with a birthday party that brings the ocean to your door. Put up a sail for selfies. Hang up blue and white banners with curves that recall a day on the water.

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