10 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Choosing a gift for a baby shower just got a whole lot easier thanks to this list of 10 perfect ideas for the event. You can always shop the parents-to-be baby registry, but when it is unavailable or you seek a unique idea, the following gifts satisfy those needs. No matter the relationship to the parents-to-be or your allotted budget, these gifts ensure you give a great gift that everyone loves.

  1. Diaper Bag: Baby needs so many things during the day that a diaper bag is essential for new parents. The diaper bag with changing pad is a lifesaver when new parents travel out and about with a baby. Bags come in assorted designs, styles, and colors for all genders and budgets. They safely hold diapers, wipes, changing pads, toys, bottles, and other necessities.
  2. Bottles: If mom plans to breastfeed and bottle feed or exclusively bottle-feed, she will need many bottles with nipples. Small 6-oz. bottles work best for newborns while the larger 8-oz. bottles are great once the baby is a few months old. Include a bottle drying rack and cleaning brush for extra brownie points.
  3. Swaddle Blankets: Baby cannot have enough blankets. They double as blankets, burp cloths, and other necessities. Swaddle blankets comfort newborn babies. Lightweight, soft, and versatile, new parents use swaddle blankets to provide the baby with the womb-like comfort that is familiar to them after arrival in this world.
  4. Bath Products: Baby needs a special tub that prevents slipping. Babies are slippery when wet! Purchase a baby bathtub along with coordinating supplies like shampoo, lotion, baby wash, and washcloths. Bath time baby baskets contain many of these items or you can purchase them separately from your favorite baby brands.
  5. Personalized Blanket: A blanket personalized with the baby’s name, date of birth, time of birth, weight, and length is an incredibly special gift that all new parents hold close to their hearts. Personalized blankets come in assorted designs and sizes.
  6. Stuffed Toy: Cute little lambs, lions, and bears welcome a new baby into the world with an adorable hello. Every newborn needs a stuffed toy or two in the nursery. A stuffed toy like Pudgy Penguins is great if you are shopping for the baby shower on a budget or as an add-on to another gift idea on this list.
  7. Prams: Babies use thousands of prams during the first year alone. Many of them are used during the first few months of life. New parents can never have enough prams in Australia. It is an excellent gift for a baby shower.
  8. Baby Book: The first year of life is most special for new parents as they enjoy seeing all those special firsts in their baby’s life. They need a place to keep track of these memories and a baby book is a perfect choice. Every new parent needs a baby book. The books come in several styles and designs with space in each to write down dates, times, events, and of course post a few photos.
  9. Gift Card: Although more impersonal than some of the other ideas on the list, gift cards always fit the occasion. Parents-to-be can choose the items they really want and need with a gift card in tow. You can buy a gift card from the retailer of your choice, in the amount of your choice. Plus, gifting a gift card at the baby shower saves time and eliminates a lot of stress since you are not sorting through aisle after aisle of baby goods.
  10. Gift Basket: Customizable with any products you choose or available pre-made, gift baskets contain an assortment of items that baby and new parents need. Items inside gift baskets range from clothing to bottles to toys to bath products and everything in between. Gift baskets come in various sizes and price ranges for boys and girls.

The 10 items above are some of the most popular gifts for baby showers. Choosing from these gift items is not easy when each is something that the baby really needs. With time and thought, however, choosing the best gift idea comes easily.

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