Top Sports Movies You Should Watch

For a lot of viewers, movies are at their best when they are filled with drama, whilst also containing a heavy dose of action. One genre that is more than capable of delivering on both of these fronts, is sports movies. This is because the world of sport can be unpredictable, and highly capable of providing shocks that no one saw coming.

So when these magical moments happen, where a person or team overcome gigantic odds to become the best, it provides a dramatic story that lends itself perfectly to Hollywood. Plus, there’s nothing quite as action packed as the high-adrenaline scenes on show at professional sporting events all around the world, so all filmmakers have to do is try their best to recreate these pulsating spectacles.

Here’s some great examples of when film and sports collide, to make a top movie you should definitely watch.

Million Dollar Arm

This movie might have gone under the radar for a lot of people, but 2014’s Million Dollar Arm is definitely a great film to catch. It stars Jon Hamm as a sports agent who feels like his career is dwindling, and that he can’t compete with his rivals who have deeper pockets. In a seemingly stroke of genius, after catching a cricket game on TV, he heads to India to construct a reality television programme where cricketers compete to become baseball pitchers.

Though the plot might seem fantastical, it’s actually based on a true story, and then obviously given the Disney spruce up and spin, as the company financed the film. One great thing about the movie is that it highlights cricket, a sport that is relatively unknown in the US, but is India’s favourite sport, and the second most watched in the entire world.

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Watching people sit around talking about analysing statistical data doesn’t exactly sound like a fun way to spend a couple hours, but baseball movie Moneyball really manages to make it a rewarding experience. The film was released in 2011 to rave reviews, and was based upon the non-fiction book of the same name by author Michael Lewis. It was directed by Bennett Miller, and features a screenplay written by Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin.

The story is a re-telling of when the Oakland A’s general manager at the time, Billy Beane, was forced to come up with a revolutionary way of assembling a competitive team on the lowest budget in the league. Instead of listening to his scouts, he enables the help of a young Yale graduate named Peter Brand, who believes he has found a winning strategy by crunching the numbers. The two are played by Brad Pitt as Beane, and Jonah Hill as Brand, who both knock the performances out the park. The latter in particular is outstanding, and it could be said that the film’s greatest achievement is showing the actor’s dramatic side.

There’s also some stunning baseball scenes that look visually beautiful, with the baseball fields lit up in all their glory by seismic floodlights. Moneyball is a movie that definitely lets the romantic side of the game of baseball shine brightly.


The rhythmic yet brutal art of boxing works wonderfully on the big screen. There have been several  stand out movies including Raging Bull, and the original Rocky. However, our pick is Creed, which has Sylvester Stallone return as Rocky Balboa, though this time, instead of being the one in the ring, he turns trainer for Michael B. Jordan’s rookie fighter. Adding emotional weight to the arrangement is that Jordan’s character is the son of Rocky’s deceased former opponent and then friend, Apollo Creed.

The movie was released in 2015, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, who are one of the top six movie studios. Director Ryan Coogler certainly knows how to film dynamic action, and the boxing scenes are an exciting whirlwind for the senses. The action is also backed up by a story that is emotionally charged, without becoming glib. A pure knockout of a movie.