The Personality of Rutherford B Hayes

The nineteenth President of the United States of America, Rutherford B. Hayes, was a man with a colorful personality. He possessed a lot of strong qualities. Some of his most prominent features are discussed below.

Loyal Nature

President Rutherford was a very loving person. When he fell in love with his wife Lucy, he remained loyal to her till his very last breath. With a long marriage and eight children, this couple went through a lot.

He consulted with his wife for all the matters. Even during his presidency, Lucy helped him come up with several policies.

He was an epitome of loyalty. According to the sources, the last words of Rutherford were, “I am going where Lucy is.” He truly loved her until finally, his soul left his body.


Hayes always felt for those who were suffering. When he became the President of the USA, he started making policies for the betterment of a common man. He worked very hard to improve the situations of people who were left behind in social development.

Hayes’ different programs like Civil Service Reforms reflect this nature of his personality. He tried to do some good for the people who deserved it. And, he found peace in doing it. From the prisoners to the poor people, he had a soft spot for everyone.

During his presidency, he had to make some decisions that were quite the opposite of his nature. When he asked the troops to solve the riot of 1877, he felt guilty. He was a man who always felt for others. He is known to be a leader who never wanted to hurt a single soul.


Hayes used to believe in change. He always wanted to create a healthy environment in his surroundings. And even when he failed, he never gave up. He showed passion in every aspect of his life, remained positive through hard times, and never lost hope.

When he was working as the president, he tried a lot of things to improve the living conditions of the poor. And even though most of the time his policies were rejected by congress, he still managed to stand up to them.

This trait of hopefulness was observed in his nature even before his presidency. When he ran the campaign against one of the greatest politicians, he was almost sure that he would lose. Still, he remained hopeful, and that resulted in him getting the seat of the President of the United States.


He was a very calm person. Even during the hard times, he never lost his self-control. He served in the army and politics.

In every career he chose, he faced a lot of challenges. But he never lost his temper. Even when sometimes situations got out of his hands, he kept his cool and dealt with everything calmly.

A Man of His Word

Rutherford was a man of his word. Once he committed to something, he met ends with it. For example, when he was running for the President, he took a pledge that he would run for the President only once.

Therefore, after his tenure of being the President ended, he left politics. He resigned from the office and continued his previous career in advocacy.

He always put his heart in everything he dreamt of. Whatever he planned to do, he gave it his hundred percent to make it a reality.

Down to Earth

Rutherford was a very down to earth man. No matter how successful he got, he remembered his roots.

He always felt for the people who were struggling. He tried to put others before himself. And even when he had the luxuries of life, he did not misuse it. He was indeed an honest man who lived a life of moderation.

Born Leader

Rutherford Hayes had a strong personality. He had some powerful suits in his nature, and leadership was surely one of those. Ever since he was a child, he used to look after everything. He grew up with his mother and sister. He was the only malein the family. From home to office, he was, for sure, a great leader.

During the time of his presidency, he did face a lot of troubles. But he dealt with everything sharply and got through hard waters very cleverly.

A Patriotic

The love Rutherford had for his country was unparalleled. Throughout his whole life, he found different ways to serve his land. From working in the army to leading the presidency, he did everything.

He never missed a chance to serve his country. He was fond of America and wanted to change the system of the country. Therefore, he took every step that he could to make a positive change.

A Loving Father

Rutherford was a very loving father. With his wife, Lucy, he had eight children. He loved each one of them from the bottom of his heart. Unfortunately, three of his sons died before the age of 2 years.

The feeling of losing three children created a void in Hayes’ heart. He mourned for years. And the little ones never got replaced in his life. And for his other kids, he turned out to be an excellent father. Even in his last days, he was accompanied by his only daughter, Fanny (named after her aunt). Indeed, he made a fantastic example for his children.


One of the most prominent qualities of Rutherford was his soft-heartedness. He was a man of feelings. Even though he was a leader, he still never showed ego and remained down to earth. He was always kind towards his people.

Even the tough army training and war situations could not make him cold-hearted. His feelings always showed through his face, and he was never scared to share it.

For a man of the 18th century, he had little to no ego issue. And the fact that he was President, this nature of Rutherford’s helped him connect with the people who chose him to run the country.

Believed in Women Empowerment

Hayes strongly believed in women empowerment. He was raised by his widowed mother, and from her, he learned that there is almost nothing that a woman cannot do. He also had a sister, Fanny, to whom he was very close.

After he took over the presidency of America, his wife, Lucy, worked side by side with him. Lucy was the very first lady of America, who was a college graduate. She came up with a lot of policies, and with his husband by her side, she got all the support she needed.

During the tenure of his presidency, Hayes presented a lot of policies to promote women education too. He believed that no nation could grow unless its women are empowered. Therefore, he took a lot of actions to make the women of America powerful.


President Rutherford was a person with a strong personality. His nature showed through his decisions, and he used every trait of his character in his favor. The strong suits of his nature became part of the reason for his popularity.

Even though it has been very long since he passed away, he is still known and respected by the people of the United States.