The Children of Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes was a popular personality of America. He was the nineteenth elected president of the United States. He led a meaningful life with passion and passed the same nature to his next generation.

He got married to his wife Lucy, in the year 1852. Together, they had eight offspring, one daughter, and seven sons.

All of them had different personalities but shared the common trait of compassion. Brief details of each child of President Hayes are discussed below.

1. Birchard Austin Hayes

Born on November 4, in the year 1853, Birchard was named after the uncle of his father, Rutherford B. Hayes. He grew up in the city of Cincinnati along with his parents. He also spent some time with his father during the time of Hayes’ service.

Then, Birchard moved to Fremont to live with his great uncle. There, he completed his early education.

He then got admitted to Cornell University. In the year 1874, he completed his graduation. He received a degree of A.B. After completion of his studies, he practiced law just like his father. He worked with several firms before deciding to work alone.

Birchard got married in the year 1886 to Mary Sherman. They enjoyed a happy life and had four children whom Birchard loved with all his heart.

At the age of 73, he lost his life to medical diseases. Now, he is buried along with his wife Mary, in the Hayes family spot located in Fremont, Ohio.

2. James Webb Cook Hayes

James Webb Cook Hayes was the second son of Rutherford B. Hayes and Lucy Webb. He was born in Cincinnati in the year 1856, on the day of 20thmarch. He spent very little time with his parents and soon left for Fremont to join his older brother, Birchard.

There, he followed the footsteps of his brother and got admitted to Cornell University. Although he did not complete his degree and left the program in the year 1875, he then returned to his family. He served as a secretary to his father, who was running for the governor of Ohio.

In 1881, he started his business with a Whipple Manufacturing Company. And only in a matter of six years, he found the National Carbon Company and served there as the Vice President for a long time.

James was a very passionate man. He was just like his father. He served with the troops for a good amount of time. And every time he got a chance to do some good, he took it.

This amazing man had many careers. He is the reason behind the Rutherford’s Public Library and Museum. He made sure to keep his father’s name alive and worked tirelessly to make it known. He died in the year 1934 and got buried in the same spot as his other family members.

3. Rutherford Platt Hayes

a black and white portrait of Rutherford and Lucy’s third son, Rutherford Platt Hayes

Born on June 24, 1858, Platt was the third son of Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife, Lucy. Just like his older siblings, he was also born in Cincinnati.

Unlike his elder brothers, Platt pursued the field of science. He completed his graduation in the year 1880. He received a degree in Bachelor of Science from the University of Cornell. He then studied further for post-graduation. Until finally, he went back to Fremont and started working for a bank.

Soon, he became a trustee of his great uncle Birchard’s library. He then invested most of his time working there. He put in a lot of effort to increase the education quality in Ohio. From vocational centers to library plans, he worked all his life tirelessly.

Platt spent his last years in Florida where he died in the year 1927 at the age of 69.

4. Joseph Thompson Hayes

Joseph Thompson or Little Joseph (as according to his family), was the fourth son of Hayes’ family. In the words of his mother, Lucy, he was a ditto copy of his father.

He was born on June 15, 1863, in Cincinnati. During the time of his birth, Rutherford was out in the Civil War.

Unfortunately, Joseph had a very short life. Soon he fell sick after his birth. And on June 24 of 1863, he died in the hands of his mother.

5. George Crook Hayes

The fifth son of the Hayes family, George Crook, was born on September 29, 1864, in Chillicothe. When he was born, his father Rutherford was serving in the infantry.

According to his father, George was the most beautiful baby he had ever seen. But unfortunately, he did not have a very long life either. In 1866, just after two years of his birth, Rutherford and Lucy lost their son to the scarlet disease fever.

Some sources say that Hayes was deeply depressed by the loss of George. And he mourned for years.

6. Fanny Hayes

When President Rutherford was serving as a Congressman for the second time, he and his wife Lucy got blessed with a daughter in 1867. She was the only sister of 7 brothers. She was named Fanny because of her aunt. At the time of her birth, his father was serving his second term as an Ohio congressman.

In her early days, Fanny lived in Columbus. But just like the rest of the family, she moved to Fremont and started her education there.

She was only ten years old when his father took the presidency of the United States. She was very close to him. When her mother died in 1889, she became a travel partner of his father and supported him in his last days.

Fanny got married to her childhoodfriend, Ensign Harry Eaton Smith, in 1897. However, she couldn’t live with him till the end, and parted ways after 30 years of marriage. She died at the age of 82 in the year 1950. Now, she is buried in her family spot in Fremont, Ohio.

7. Scott Russell Hayes

Scott Russell Hayes was born in February 1871 in Columbus, Ohio. At that time, his father Rutherford Hayes was serving as a Governor. Scott started his early education in the White House. But later,he moved to Fremont and completed his studies there just like his other siblings.

After completing his graduation, he started his business. Then, he worked for a bank. And after some time, he left this job too and joined an electric company.

He got married in the year 1912. Accompanied by his wife, Maude Wright, he went on several trips. One time, the couple went on a business trip to South America. But their ship went through an incident that left a great impact on Scott’s brain.

After the trip, he was broken down. He suffered from a brain tumor. He could not fight with the disease and lost his life in May 1923 at the age of 52 years. He was buried with his family in Fremont, Ohio.

8. Manning Force Hayes

Born on August 1, 1873, Manning was the youngest child of President Rutherford. He was their only child who was born in the Spiegel Grove. Manning was only one year old when he fell sick and got dysentery. Being a small baby, he was frail and lost his life to the disease on August 28, 1874.

According to his mother, Lucy Rutherford, Manning was the sharpest child in the family.


President Rutherford and his wife Lucy Webb had a total of 8 children. Unfortunately, three of them could not survive for a longer time. Those who survived did not lead a normal life. All five of the siblings had a variety of interests and different living styles. But all of them lived a meaningful life.

They all were strong and compassionate, just like their parents. They pursued different careers and chose different paths for their life. They carried their father’s name and made sure to make it known throughout the country.

Now, they all rest in peace with their parents in the Oakwood Cemetery of Fremont, Ohio. In this spot, the entire Hayes’ family is buried together.