The Interesting History of Lightsabers

Lightsabers, as described by the Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, are elegant weapons used for a more civilized age. It is one of the most recognizable and famous weapons not only in the Star Wars universe but also in the real world. Aside from that, Lightsabers became the most essential part of every battled that the Jedis have won. At the same time, Lightsabers became the most advanced weapon that the Siths had invented. But the question is, where did these Lightsabers come from? How do they come into existence? Well, check this article and find out!

According to the history of the Star Wars universe, the Forcesaber created by the Rakata was the precursor of the notable Lightsabers. Wielders of the said Forcesaber have the ability to transfer the Force of the Darkside using a black crystal that would create energy blades. Subsequently, when the early Je’daii Order used an advanced technology along with a ritual of forging, they then learned how to freeze a laser beam. Thus, the birth of the first Lightsaber. The first functional Lightsaber that was made was the First Blade. This was an ancient weapon that eventually served as the basis of all the modern Lightsabers. Prior to the Force War, the First Blade was made in Tython, by an unknown Je’daii master called as the Weapon Master.

After the Force War and the formation of Jedi Order, ceremonial weapons became a vital part of the Order. Thousand years later, since Lightsabers were still not yet improved for regular use, the Jedis used swords.

In 15, 500 BBY (Before the Battle of Yabin), Jedii’s study with regard to the frozen blaster technology became successful. Also, they have developed a way to generate energy beams. This followed the first known portable high energy blades. However, these initial experiments were also unstable and only lasted for a brief moment, before eventually overheating. Consequently, these initial Lightsabers were not used to wars and were used only as ceremonial weapons.

Throughout the age, the instability of these laser blades was eventually improved. But these weapons still suffered from issues like energy consumption. These protosabers also became somewhat unwieldy since the wielder still needs to carry a belt-worn battery pack. This power cable attached to the protosabers, limit the wielder’s movement, and prevent the use of telekinetic saber combat. Despite of these, the weapons were deemed as a great advantage when used in hand-to-hand combat against a heavy-armored enemy.

Interestingly, the Dark Lords of the Sith Empire were deemed responsible for the ultimate advancement of the Lightsaber. During that time, the Sith then replaced the belt-worn battery pack with a power cell and placed it inside the Lightsaber’s hilt. They have also introduced an internal superconductor that would loop energy from the negative-charged flux back into the hilt’s power cell. Aside from that, the Siths also invented the first Doublesaber. Moreover, it was also a Sith lord who first established the use of synthetic crystals in Lightsabers. However, despite all these advancements, most Dark Lords of that era still reject the use of Lightsabers. They were still in favor of using the Sith Swords.

In 5000 BBY, the advancements made by the Siths were later brought to the Republic and the Jedis. Ironically, Siths still used Sith Swords, while the Jedi continued to use their protosabers. Subsequently, after the Sith were defeated at the end of the Great Hyperspace War, the use of Lightsabers was then adopted by the Jedis. During the Jedi Civil War, the former Jedi, Revan, started to use a red Lightsaber, and several of his followers followed suit. Since then, red Lightsabers became the trademark of a dark side.

What are the colors of Lightsabers?

It is already a known fact that the Darkside used red Lightsabers. These red Lightsaber blades occurred when the crystal used in making the weapon was corrupted. On the other hand, there were also Green and Blue Lightsaber Blades, which were more common to the Jedis.

What about the other Lightsabers that have a color other than green and blue and red? Do these colors mean something? Did you know that there were also Yellow, White, and Purple Lightsaber blades?

Yellow-bladed Lightsaber: In the Star Wars universe, aside from red Lightsabers, there were also yellow sabers. Jedi sentinels usually used these yellow bladed weapons. These sentinels, wielding the Force with knowledge and power, were the guards of the Jedi Temple. One of the notable wielders of the yellow Lightsaber was Rey Skywalker.

Purple-bladed Lightsaber: Purple Lightsabers were wielded by a skilled Jedi who knows how to balance both Dark and Light Forces. One of the known wielders of the Purple Lightsaber was Mace Windu.

White-Bladed Lightsabers: Yes, there is a white Lightsaber. It was used by just one Star Wars’ canon character, and it was Ahsoka Tano. She obtained the white crystal of her Lightsaber when she defeated the Inquisitor in a battle. The crystal was initially red. However, she later purified it, and from corrupted red, the crystal became brilliant white. The color also suggests Ahsoka’s free-agent status because she is neither a Sith nor Jedi.