Introduction to Hiccup’s Inferno Sword from How to Train Your Dragon

What is the Inferno Sword?

Inferno (also Dragon Blade) is a retractable sword wielded by the main protagonist of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. In this animated series, based on the book series of Cressida Cowell, follows the story of the young Viking named Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Along with his friends, they learn about the local Dragon population and, at the same time, overcome challenges.

As it was seen in the series, Hiccup wielded a sword called Inferno. It is a retractable sword that is notable for its ability to become inflamed. The sword was forged in order to pacify or hypnotized wild dragon that Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless, encounters. Aside from that, the sword Inferno is also useful for removing the hardened Death Song’s amber spit.

The Abilities of the Inferno Sword

It has Lighters: The Inferno sword has two lighters used to create sparks. These two lighters were located at each end of the sword’s hilt. One was used to ignite the Hideous Zippleback gas, while the second one was used to ignite Nightmare saliva.

The Monstrous Nightmare Saliva: By placing a canisterof Monstrous Nightmare saliva inside the sword’s hilt, the blade of the sword will be coated with the substance. Consequently, the blade will ignite and produce a replica of dragon fire. The fire produced by the Inferno convinced most of the wild dragons that the wielder was one of them. Not only dragons could be intimidated by this ability, but also humans.

Hideous Zippleback Gas: On the other hand, by placing a canister of the Hideous Zippleback Gas inside the sword’s hilt, the wielder will be able to release gas on the sword’s pommel. With this gas, you can ignite it and create an explosion.

In fact, in the animated series, Hiccup was seen using this sword’s ability when a large group of dragons surrounded him. Also, this gas can be used if you wanted the sword to function like a blowtorch or a flamethrower.

The Sword’s Appearances in the Animated Series

In Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 3: The creation of the Inferno sword first happened when Hiccup thought of a way to freed Tuffnut’s chicken from the amber spit of the Death Song. During that time, Hiccup thought of the Monstrous Nightmare gel that was used to release a victim trapped in the Death Song’s amber spit. He then took his knife, applied it with the Monstrous Nightmare gel, and ignite the knife. Using this early prototype of the Inferno sword, Hiccup was able to free the chicken from the amber spit.

Astrid then suggested that if the blade were twice as big, it would make a really cool sword. From then on, Hiccup named his creation ‘Inferno.’ Subsequently, Hiccup upgraded his invention until it became a sword.

Season 4: During this season, Hiccup was seen using the Inferno sword to cause a sheep stampede. He used the sword to scare off Ryker Grimbon and two other Dragon Hunters. However, when he tried to use it to Krogan, he was quickly disarmed. In some instances, Hiccup also used the Inferno to calm down a Small Shadow Wing dragon, though he failed. He also utilized his sword to protect himself and his friends against the Fire Terrors, but then they have discovered that these dragons eat fire.

Season 5: In this season, Hiccup had improved the sword Inferno. He extended the blade and used it to combat against Berserkers. Also, Hiccup used the sword to freed Stormfly when the dragon was stuck in the amber spit of Death Song. Moreover, he used the sword as a torch when they went to an underground cave. He also used the sword to break a wall of the amber spit where Garff had trapped himself.

Season 6:In Kings of Dragon, the Inferno sword was snapped in two, after Hiccup tried to use the sword as an ice pick to climb up an icy cliff.

In How to Train Your Dragon 2

In the How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup used his second Inferno sword when Stormfly was captured in a net. Later on, after being caught by the Dragon Thief, Valka, Hiccup used the sword to pacify her dragons. However, he was unsuccessful in doing so. Furthermore, he used the Zippleback gas when he fought Drago Bludvist. He then ignited the gas and knocked off Drago’s Bewilderbeast.

In How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

In Hiccup’s introduction in the film, he was seen igniting his Inferno sword. Later on, in a fight against the Dragon Trapper, Astrid was seen throwing a canister of Zippleback gas on the ship’s deck. Afterward, Hiccup was also seen throwing the sword in the same place. In this movie, it is unclear what happened to the Inferno sword, since it was the last time the sword was seen.