She-Ra’s Sword of Protection from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

What is the Sword of Protection?

The Sword of Protection is a sword initially used in the 1985 American animated series “She-Ra: Princess of Power.” In 2018,  a reboot of the original series, “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power,” was developed by Noelle Stevenson, produced by DreamWorks Animation Television.

In the series, the Sword of Protection is a weapon crafted by the First Ones, a race of alien intergalactic explorers, to empower the first She-Ra, Mara. Using the Sword of Protection, the current She-Ra, Adora, from the line of legendary princesses-defenders of the planet, Etheria, will protect the planet and its habitant from their enemies.

What Does the Sword Look Like?

The Sword of Protection has a golden hilt, designed with a runestone. This magical tortoise-colored opal, embedded on the sword’s hilt is a special stone that gives powers to the princesses of Etheria. Aside from the Runestone, the sword was also forged from the magic craft taken from the planet Krytis.

With the power that the sword possessed, the Sword of Protection can control the power of She-Ra and use it for the plan conducted by the First Ones. This plan is called, The Heart of Etheria Project, a plan to weaponize the entire Etheria using the ancient superpower weapon, the Heart of Etheria.

In addition, by possessing the Sword of Protection, the wielder becomes a princess of Etheria. Also, since the Runestone in the sword’s hilt is elemental, this makes the She-Ra wielder one of the Elemental Princesses. Elemental Princesses were the princesses that have a connection with the Runestone. These Elemental Princesses regulate the weather and seismic activities within the planet Etheria.

 The Powers of the Sword of Protection

Animal Transformation: is one of the powers of the Sword of Protection. With this ability, the wielder has the capacity to make any animals transform into mutant creatures. Because of the Runestone powers, the transformed animals sometimes became intelligent, grow wings or horns, and sometimes are given the ability to talk. In the ‘Flowers for She-Ra,’ the current She-Ra, Adora, accidentally transformed a lizard unto a creature with colorful wings.

Healing Powers: The Sword of Protection also has healing powers. In ‘The Price of Power,’ Shadow Weaver, formerly known as Light Spinner, taught Adora how to use the healing power of the sword. However, later on the series, Adora found out that she can use the healing powers without using the Sword of Protection.

Energy Blasts: Using the Sword of Protection, Adora can fire destructive colorful energy beams.

Shape-Shifting: Aside from above that were mentioned, the Sword of Protection can shift into several other weapons and things. It can change into a shield, rope, musical instruments, a pitcher, and a mug.

Transformation: If the sword can change itself to other things, the sword also has the power to transform its wielder into a legendary warrior. Those that are selected to become She-Ra also have the ability to change themselves. By raising Sword of Protection and shouting, “For the honor of Grayskull!” they can be transformed into magical and powerful warriors with extraordinary physical abilities. These warriors that are taller than the average warriors were known to have long and light blond hair, blue eyes, and a white and gold uniform.

Materialization: is the ability to produce an object or to make it appear. Just like in the case of She-Ra, after acquiring her new powers, she can now summon the Sword of Protection using her inner body energy.

Controlling the Heart of Etheria: the Sword of Protection is what regulates the Heart of Etheria, a vast weapon created by the First Ones within the planet of Etheria.

Hydrokinesis:is the ability or power to control and manipulate water. As it is seen in the “Razz” episode, She-Ra swung the sword, and she quickly transformed the snow into ice blades and walls that killed the soldiers of Horde.

Sword-fighting: Disregarding the sword’s various magical abilities, the sword is also capable of being used as a regular weapon. In fact, She-Ra is able to destroy multitudes of warriors on her own, as she had shown during the fight against The Horde and Prime’s Clone Army.