Review of the “I Love Lucy” episode – The Kleptomaniac

  The Kleptomaniac I am reviewing the I love Lucy episode called The Kleptomaniac. This episode is about how Ricky thinks Lucy is a The Kleptomaniac which is a person that steals things but can’t help it. Synopsis of the episode Lucy is the chairman of a bazaar for her club, but she … Read more

Adoption – Shifting Winds

What a day! Gabriel has been sick since yesterday afternoon and I am always caught off guard now by the extreme behaviors we experience around here when Gabriel isn’t feeling well. In the beginning, when our kids had just moved in, baby talk, defiant mouths, psycho giggling were all just par for … Read more

Blogging Lost – Season 1


Lost – fun tidbits and notes We are watching Lost on Netflix for the third time. Tidbits and notes from a third viewing. We pretty much assume you have seen Lost and just adding some fun notes for those who love Lost like we do! Season 1: Pilot: Part 1 The plane … Read more

Best Places to Tour in Europe

Best Places to Tour in Europe

Traveling through Europe is a unique experience through which one can fulfill their interests and passions. You can enjoy the fine cuisine, visit many beautiful cities, and relive some amazing moments in history within this continent. Europe also gives travelers breathtaking vistas of pristine country sides and opportunities to relax at some … Read more

Blogging Season 1 of Lilyhammer by Netflix

Introduction Netflix decided to wade into traditional “network” territory and produce their own “TV” series called Lilyhammer. The first season has 8 episodes total. Stevie (Little Steve of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band fame) Van Zandt stars in the series as a classic mobster guy who… goes to Lilyhammer, Norway via … Read more

Supporting Adopted Students: Parents and Teachers Working Together

  Adoption-related School Issues The school experience is a significant factor in shaping a child and his future – and it is a factor that can be impacted by adoption issues. Adopted children face extra emotional work coping with feelings of rejection, loss, and divided loyalties. These challenges can affect their behavior … Read more

Introduction to Barbara Acklin

Barbara Jean Acklin was born into a musical family in Oakland, California on February 2nd, 1943. Belonging to a music-lover family, her grandmother Asa Eskridge was the blues singer and her cousin Monk Higgins was the arranger and keyboard player. Later her family moved to Chicago, Illinois where she polished her vocal … Read more

How Important Footwear Is for Babies?

  Do you think you buy the right footwear for your baby? When talking about the development of your baby, baby footwear seems to be a trivial or unimportant topic. You think that you will just pick the prettiest and cutest shoes for your baby, and not mostly minding about how good … Read more