Who Was Peter Pevensie in Narnia?

Peter Pevensie is the firstborn of the Pevensie children, the king of the Kingdom of Narnia following the death of Queen Jadis the White Witch, and one of The Chronicles of Narnia franchise’s four main protagonists. As the oldest, he is responsible and caring; he is also among the bravest.

His Narnian titles are His Majesty King Peter, Emperor of the Lone Islands, High King of Narnia, Lord of Cair Paravel, Sir Peter Wolf’s-Bane, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Lion, and Peter the Magnificent, High King of all Narnian kings.


Peter is the oldest Pevensie sibling and feels responsible for his younger siblings, whom he loves and protects. He is portrayed as a warrior-king who strives to do the right thing regardless, adores Aslan, and regards him as his friend and leader.

Aslan appeared to Peter as a father figure, explaining to him his responsibility as a natural leader and offering him the aid of a father to his son. Peter respects all of Aslan’s decisions and trusts him no matter what.


Prior Story

Peter is 13 years old when he shows up in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, born in 1927. As a monarch of the Golden Age of Narnia, he reigns with his sisters and brother for 15 years, reaching 28 before returning to England at the end of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. By the end of The Last Battle, he is a 22-year-old uni student with his heart still in Narnia, despite not having visited since Prince Caspian, when he was 14.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Ever the devoted and loyal big brother figure, Peter makes every effort to protect his siblings and act as a responsible young adult. It is implied in the book that he is more mature than his siblings because after their father was called to join the war, Peter’s mom told him to support his three siblings through the ordeal of their father’s departure.

During World War II, he and his siblings are evacuated by train to the countryside due to air raids. They stay in the countryside at Professor Digory Kirke’s old mansion.

When Lucy first discovers the wardrobe, Peter does not believe her, believing it to be her imagination, until he and the rest of the Pevensies enter it themselves. He later says sorry to Lucy for not trusting her and is furious with Edmund for denying the existence of Narnia earlier. This is due to Edmund revealing his deception upon entering Narnia.

Peter was already angry with his brother for “encouraging” Lucy before he realized Edmund was lying. While he did not believe Lucy had been in Narnia, he did believe Edmund was not helping Lucy by mocking her and encouraging her about her claim to have discovered a country in the wardrobe. During the time between Lucy claiming to have entered Narnia through the wardrobe for the second time and all four siblings finally entering Narnia together, Peter proposes a truce between Lucy and Edmund, despite his annoyance with Edmund.

Edmund soon strays to the White Witch, and Peter later admits to Aslan that his rage at Edmund probably contributed to his demise. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver had guarded Peter and his siblings since their arrival in Narnia, and Mr. Beaver had speculated Edmund was a traitor from the instant he saw him but had not mentioned it to the others until they noticed his absence and Mr. Beaver deduced that Edmund had gone to the White Witch.

On Aslan’s orders, Edmund is eventually rescued. Meanwhile, everyone else heads to the Stone Table to meet Aslan.

After meeting Father Christmas on the journey to find Aslan, Peter receives his shield and sword (Rhindon) and is later knighted “Sir Peter Wolf’s-Bane” by Aslan after killing Maugrim, the wolf who was attempting to kill Lucy and Susan.

He is made head General of Aslan’s army while a great battle is planned. After defeating the White Witch Jadis and her evil cronies in the Battle of Beruna Ford, Aslan crowns him as His Majesty King Peter the Magnificent to the Clear Northern Sky.

The ancient prophecy of two Daughters of Eve and two Sons of Adam ascending to the four thrones of Cair Paravel is fulfilled. This signals the end of the Hundred Years’ Winter and the White Witch’s reign and the start of Narnia’s Golden Age.

He and his siblings return to their world (where they discover themselves as children again) 15 years later, only to discover that no time has passed.

Prince Caspian

When the Pevensies arrive at Cair Paravel’s ruins, they discover the castle’s treasure chamber, where Susan, Peter, and Lucy discover the gifts they received from Father Christmas. Peter takes up his shield and sword Rhindon (see this ultimate guide to swords) and assumes command of the group. They eventually meet Trumpkin, a dwarf who assisted in the protection of Prince Caspian from his uncle’s Telmarine army and who joins them on their journey to meet Aslan.

When the Pevensies are forced to make a choice, Peter has the final say as High King. Peter claims the right to a duel with the Telmarine king, Miraz, to stall the war long enough for Lucy to locate Aslan and awaken the Narnians. After the Pevensie children aid in defeating the Telmarines, Peter formally grants Caspian authority over a free Narnia.

Peter later told Edmund and Lucy that Aslan told him that he and Susan would never return to Narnia because they are now too old and have learned everything from that universe. The four children went back to their world, waiting for trains to take them to their respective boarding schools.

This book reveals that Lucy is his favorite sister, fairly evident throughout the series.

The Last Battle

In the story, Peter plays a minor role. In Tirian’s vision of the Seven Friends of Narnia, he was the only person to address the king of Narnia, Tirian, at the time.

Edmund and Peter went to London after attending a dinner with the other Friends to recover the magic rings Professor Digory Kirke hid in the Ketterleys’ yard, wanting to use them to transport Jill and Eustace to Narnia. Both were on the station platform waiting for Eustace, Lucy, Digory, Jill, and Polly when the train ended up crashing and killed them all, temporarily transporting Jill and Eustace to Narnia until the end of the world, when they find their way to the real Narnia (heaven) and are reunited with Lucy, Peter, Digory, Edmund, and Polly.

Tirian describes Peter’s face like that of a warrior and a king. Peter calmly ordered Tirian to leave with his prey after the demon passed through the stable door for the first time. After passing judgment on all of Narnia’s inhabitants, Aslan instructs Peter to close the door, effectively ending the world. Many others, including Peter’s parents, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, are permitted to remain in Aslan’s Country.