The Wizard of Oz and the Amazing Technicolor Process

Of all of the wonderful elements that made The Wizard of Oz shine, one of the most memorable is its clever use of color. While the 1939 film was not the first to be shot in color, its bright production design and saturated palette made it stand out. So why did the … Read more

Frank Morgan: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

In 1938, Frank Morgan was one of Hollywood’s “featured players,” that is, an actor who was not a major star in terms of box office draw and revenue, but was a reliable and competent performer who was an audience favorite. Morgan was born Francis Phillip Wuppermann on June 1, 1890, in New … Read more

More Fan Memories of Oz

“For me, the best memory of watching the Wizard of Oz was a bit over a year and a half ago, when I was hospitalized. I hadn’t been long at Navy boot camp when I got sick – even now I don’t really know what it was I came down with, some … Read more

More Fan Memories of Oz

“As I was growing up in St. Louis, MO., the oldest of four kids every year we would gather around our TV and watch the Wizard of Oz. But, first, we prepared by popping popcorn on the stovetop and coating it with real butter and pouring big glasses of 7Up to go … Read more

New Memories from Fans of The Wizard of Oz!

“I loved watching this movie with my dad. He would always tell us it was his favorite movie when he was a kid. He saw it when it first came out and he would talk about how when Dorothy would open the door and go from black and white to color and … Read more

More Fan Memories of Oz

“I watched the annual broadcast of “The Wizard of Oz” with my mother since before I can remember. Being the youngest of five kids it was one of the few things just she and I did together. We watched every year, before and after cable TV. I tune in to this day … Read more

New Memories from Fans of The Wizard of Oz!

“I was probably five years old the first time I saw the Wizard of Oz and it was amazing. Every year I would wait and count the days until it came on again. It was like Christmas for me, and still today I believe the greatest movie ever made. But the most … Read more

Wizard of Oz Fans Share Their Memories of Oz

Back in the day, the Wizard of Oz only came on TV once a year. My sisters, mother & I waited for it to come on and we all watched it together. It was a special time for us all to be together. When my daughter was old enough to watch, she … Read more

New Memories from Fans of The Wizard of Oz!

When I was a little kid, my dad would give me baths and he would always read The Wizard of Oz to me. It was like this for at least a year, and it quickly became our favorite movie/book to watch together. Right before my dad died, about 2 years ago, I … Read more

Share Your Memories Sweepstakes Winners!

Thank you for submitting so many wonderful memories of viewing The Wizard of Oz for the “Share Your Memories Sweepstakes.” Entries are officially closed and winners will be notified by email. We will continue to post some of our favorite fan-submitted memories in the coming weeks, so please be sure to check … Read more

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