The Personality of Gerald Ford

Portrait of the Gerald Ford

Introduction Many in politics admired Gerald Ford’s degree of trust and honesty. With Spiro Agnew’s departure, Congress nominated him because he told the truth and was recognized by both the Republican and Democratic parties for keeping his word. Gerald Ford was appointed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives because … Read more

The Presidency of Gerald Ford

Gerald R. Ford was inaugurated as the 38th President on August 9, 1974. After Spiro Agnew resigned, he became Vice President, and after Richard Nixon resigned, he became President. Ford’s domestic policies are notable for lowering inflation and unemployment rates and reducing reliance on foreign energy. In international policy, he dropped tensions … Read more

The Children of Gerald Ford

President Gerald Ford had three boys and one daughter with his wife, Betty Ford. Many Americans perceived the First Family as lively, lively, youthful, and, most all, typical—attributes that helped the American public’s comfort level with Ford, a man they had not chosen as President. He was the only President in American … Read more

The First Lady of Gerald Ford

With a household nickname Betty, Elizabeth Anne Bloomer was born on April 8, 1918, in Chicago, Illinois, to William Bloomer Sr. and Hortense Neahr. Betty was the only daughter of William Bloomer Sr. and Hortense Neahr. Her father worked for the Royal Rubber Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and her mother came … Read more

The Childhood, Education, and Careers of Gerald Ford

The Childhood, Education, and Careers of Gerald Ford On July 14, 1913, Gerald Ford was born as Leslie Lynch King Jr. in Omaha, Nebraska, where his parents and paternal grandparents lived. He was the only child of wool merchants Leslie Lynch King Sr. and Dorothy Ayer Gardner. His father was Charles Henry … Read more

The Brief Biography of Gerald Ford

On July 14, 1913, Gerald Ford was born in Omaha, Nebraska, to Dorothy Ayer Gardner and Leslie Lynch King Sr. as Leslie Lynch King Jr. His biological father was an alcoholic who abused his wife and used to beat her. Dorothy left her husband and went to live with her family, fearing … Read more