Rudolph Valentino: A Silent Star Gone Too Soon

Rudolph Valentino A Silent Star Gone Too Soon

People from the world over end up in Hollywood some way or another, and some of them hit it big. Some are known for their hysterical performances, while others are known for their portrayal of serious action on the big screen. Though the film industry has evolved immensely over the last century, … Read more

Mary Pickford: A Silent Movie Star

The beginning of cinema in the United States was with silent films, and many talented artists took the silent screen to a new height with their exceptional performances. The whole story of the film had to be narrated by the artist’s expressions as there was no sound. It was a real show … Read more

A Brief Biography Of Buster Keaton: A Silent Star

The world of movies was not always equipped with high definition color images and surround sound audio as clear as the chirping of birds on a Saturday morning. It took decades of technological progress and growth of the film industry before we got sound, and even more time before we got color. … Read more

Louise Brooks: A Movie Star And Dancer

The silent era of films was an endearing one; much more innocent than today’s saturated market. That’s not to say today’s movies are bad, only that they lack that certain old-timey charm the classics have. When filmmaking was only beginning to evolve and people realized acting was an attractive alternative to theatre. … Read more

William S. Hart: The Silent Cowboy

Before the age of alien motherships and bullet-time combat scenes, there was the age of the old Western. The heart pounding action in movies back then was all about train robberies, horse chases, and the suspense over who would get the first draw in a shootout in the center of town. Boots, … Read more

Harold Lloyd: A Silent Screen Daredevil Comedian

It’s easy to forget in today’s world of intricately detailed animation that there was a much simpler time in the movie business. As with all industries, filmmaking didn’t just come into being equipped with top of the line CGI and refined storytelling. It evolved over decades as directors, producers, and actors all … Read more

Introduction to Greta Garbo: A Silent Screen Star

Academy Award and Honorary Oscar winner in 1955, Greta Garbo, was born in Stockholm in 1905. She went by the name Great Garbo while her original name was Great Lovisa Gustafsson. She died in 1990 in New York City after earning herself the title of the most glamorous star with unmatched talent … Read more

Introduction to Lillian Gish: A Silent Screen Star

The First Lady of American Cinema, Lillian Gish, was a born superstar. She served the industry of film and theatre for a great part of her life. With her endless and tireless efforts, the cinema of the country changed its course. She was entitled to be the most famous lady in all … Read more

Introduction to Max Linder: A Silent Screen Star

Gabriel-Maximilien Leuvielle, known as Max Linder, was a French actor, writer, comedian and screenwriter of the silent film era when dialogues could not be screened with the motion pictures. The sort of screening, though old fashioned, required immense talent to portray the plot of the movie without using sounds and vocals. Max … Read more