What Are Stamped Knives

Kitchen knife with vegetables aside

A knife is a tool or weapon with a blade and cutting edge, attached to a hilt or handle. It is one of the first tools used by mankind. The use of knives appeared at least 2.5 million years ago, as it comes from Oldovian tools. It was originally made from stones, … Read more

What Are Forged Knives

Knife forging involves hammering and heating a knife from a single steel rod. Forging strengthens the steel. The formation of steel molecules during the forging process results in a less flexible sheet. As a result, these knives stay sharp longer. Also, these knives are more comfortable and balanced due to the existence … Read more

How Often Should You Sharpen a Knife?

The most frequently asked question regarding the knife is how often it should be sharpened? It is difficult to give an exact answer as everyone has their own way of using a knife. Also, the factor depends on a variety of things like the cutting board that you are using, how aggressive … Read more

How to Maintain a Damascus Steel Knife

Many people love collecting steel knives and swords. The ones that are of historical significance are usually considered better for collection purposes. They can be of high value as well. However, the problem arises when people are unable to maintain their steel knives and swords. One of the most liked steel knives … Read more

Why Should You Invest in a Damascus Steel Knife?

There are several types of knives and tools used in history. Damascus steel has been one of the most popular ones. This is because of the exceptional quality as well as the fact that it was used in a variety of war situations. They are one of the most durable ones as … Read more

Tips for Cutting Meats

People who cook are well aware of the importance of cutting. Be it the vegetables or meats, cutting them in the right manner gives a boost to the cooked food. Professional cooking requires the ingredients to be cut and trimmed well. Meat cutting may appear a bit brutal and gruesome to some, … Read more

What Is a Sai and What Is It Used For?

There were many types of weapons in the past that are nothing compared to what we have today. Many such weapons are of cultural significance and show how the law and order system was managed in the earlier era. However, most of these have become outdated as they have been replaced by … Read more

Using a Tanto Knife: the Pros and Cons

The Tanto blade shape is amongst the most unique and misunderstood blade shapes. Many people assume that it is basically a Japanese gimmick that is used to pierce or slice through things. However, it is much more than that. The two most popular versions in the world tend to be the American … Read more

Tips for Cutting Vegetables and Fruits

Those who know the art of cooking are well aware of the importance of a well-cut vegetable or fruit. Even the most prestigious culinary school teaching future chefs start their classes with lessons on cutting and chopping. Cutting vegetables perfectly is not as easy as it seems to be! It requires a … Read more

Little Known Facts About Damascus Steel

If Damascus steel is unfamiliar to you, now is the moment to learn it! You have probably used, bought, or held Damascus steel at some point in your life, whether you realize it or not. It is because this metal is exceptionally robust and of the highest quality. However, do you know … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Knives

When you ask people about important inventions in the world, most of them will give you lots of answers, such as computers, cars, smartphones, and other high-tech items. But there is one invention that most people do not think of that much, but it is actually one of the most important things … Read more

What are the Key Parts of an Axe?

An axe is a tool that has been used by mankind for millennia, designed to cut, shape, and split woods using the force of a hand. Ever since it was created, the axe had a single purpose – the only difference of axes today than the axes from the 1800s is modern … Read more