Guide to Knife Steel

Guide to Knife Steel

There’s nothing more useful, handy, versatile, and long-lasting as a knife, especially a good knife with a quality blade. The problem, though, is that all knives look the same for the untrained eye. Telling a good knife from a bad one can be almost impossible if you weren’t schooled by a knife … Read more

Most Famous Knives in History

For many centuries, knives have been the object of terror as well as fascination. Who knew that these humble cutting tools would play a significant role in human civilization? They are more than just cutting tools and weapons – they have become symbols of power, resistance against oppression, and the people’s culture … Read more

What Is a Dagger?

A dagger is a knife which is designed or capable of being used as a stabbing or thrusting weapon. Daggers usually have short blades and a very sharp point. Most daggers have two sharp edges. However, there are daggers that have no cutting edge at all (such as the stiletto), or have … Read more

Most Famous Swords in History

Swords are not only weapons but are also symbols of power. They have always been a great importance in several legends, folktales, and historical powers. Swords are symbols of great power. Aside from their use in combat, swords have also taken part in several formal rituals, offerings, coronations, knighthoods, and other ceremonies. … Read more

What Are the Different Parts of a Knife?

The knife is one of the essential tools in every kitchen. As a regular homemaker or home cook, you may want or may not want to know every single part of this versatile kitchen tool. For you, the knife may be just a blade. But this is not the case for anyone … Read more

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