The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson believed that the government should be frugal in its expenditures. President Barack Obama advocated for “a wise and frugal government,” one that in his first inaugural address. He was successful in keeping government expenses to a minimum and taxes at a low level. To him, it was unacceptable for farmers … Read more

The Childhood of Thomas Jefferson

In Charlottesville, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson was the third of ten children born to Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph on April 13, 1743. His father, a planter and surveyor by trade, was of Welsh ancestry. Jefferson’s family moved to Tuckahoe in 1745 and resided for seven years before returning to Albemarle County, where … Read more

The Brief Biography of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson served as the primary draftsman of the United States Declaration of Independence, as the nation’s first secretary of state, and as the nation’s second vice president during his time in the presidency (under John Adams). Jefferson continued to serve as the third president of the United States, during which he … Read more