The Personality of James Monroe

Portrait of James Monroe

Introduction James Monroe was about six feet tall with blue-gray eyes and dark wavy hair. He was known to possess a warm personality, which made people at ease in his presence. Some even thought that he looked like George Washington when he was young. James became the fifth president of the United … Read more

Biography of James Monroe

The fifth president of the United States of America and the last President from the founding fathers, James Monroe was born on April 28, 1758 in Westmoreland county, Virginia. His parents were Elizabeth Jones Monroe and Spence Monroe who were a bountiful planter. His father was a descendant of soldiers during the … Read more

James Monroe Childhood

Introduction Hearing about the fifth president of the United States of America, President James Monroe, the first thing to ring will be the Monroe Doctrine. James Monroe is renowned as the leader who took down the European forces in meddling in the affairs concerning different nations in the Western Hemisphere. He was … Read more

James Monroe’s Family Life

Introduction Being the fifth president of the United States of America, James Monroe is known for establishing principles of foreign policies, thus, known as the Monroe Doctrine. Perhaps his contribution to the USA can be found in history books or possibly discussed inside the classroom. But ever wonder about the family life … Read more

Policies of James Monroe

Introduction On March 4, 1817, James Monroe swore as the fifth president of the United States of America, and reign the Era of Good Feelings. He is also known as the last Founding Father who served as the president. He was able to serve as a governor, as an ambassador, even held … Read more