Who Were the Major Figures in the Moro Rebellion?

Soldiers displaying skulls after a battle in the Philippines

The Moro Rebellion was a noteworthy armed conflict that happened in the southern Philippines between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It began with the resistance of the Moro people, who were predominantly Muslim, against colonial powers such as Spain and later the United States. The American government wanted the Moro … Read more

What are the Causes of the Moro Rebellion?

Following the conclusion of the Philippine-American War, the Moro Rebellion took place. It entailed periodic clashes between American soldiers stationed there to supervise the shift from Spanish administration to US control and the Muslim Filipinos residing in the southern region of the Philippines. The Moro people believed they would be self-governing after … Read more

The Culture and Society of the Moro People

Islam was introduced to the southern Philippines during the pre-colonial era through trade networks that linked several sultanates and ethnolinguistic groupings. The inhabitants of this area were eventually referred to as Moros and the area as Bangsamoro. At the present time, the Moro people represent the largest Muslim and non-Christian population in … Read more

Historical Background of the Moro Rebellion

The Moro Rebellion was one of the most significant and prolonged conflicts in Philippine history. It was an armed conflict between the Moro people and the United States military during the Philippine-American War. It lasted several decades and was characterized by intense violence and resistance. It was among the important events that … Read more

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