7 Creative Specifications to Look For in a Modern Del Mar Office Space

With 26% of Del Mar’s population working in management occupations, 4% holds top-earning positions in the business and financial operations sector. On the other hand, educational institutions, such as San Diego State University and UC San Diego, also count among the locals’ top employers in this beach city.

Whether your enterprise in Del Mar is big or small, a modern office area can do wonders for your business, helping you achieve profits, exceeding your expectations.

Leading rental agencies offer sophisticated Del Mar office space solutions for sale or lease, tailor-made to perfectly fit your business operations. Here are some creative specifications that you can look for in their well-thought designs while choosing your organization’s office space in Del Mar.

High Open Ceilings and Operable Windows

Letting natural light into your office space is an excellent way to brighten the room and create positive vibes in your work environment. And the good news is Del Mar has, on average, 264 sunny days in a year, which you can use to your benefit.

Top professionals include high open ceilings and operable windows as part of a modern office space feature list. Look for these aspects, as they are energy efficient during summer and increase your office space’s resale value.

Light-wood Sidings and White Interiors

The Deodar Cedar is an evergreen tree that is both heat and drought-tolerant and grows well in North County San Diego climate. It’s a low-density softwood, which is a terrific insulator and easy for construction. More importantly, the wood doesn’t allow heat to escape in winter and cool air in the summer.

Rental Del Mar office space specialists present such light-wood sidings and white interiors. Check for such specifications, as they will make your office interiors vibrant and comfortable. Moreover, the white color will also make your wall décor and furniture stand out, adding to the creativity factor.

Expansive Outdoor Space

Del Mar presents an unemployment rate of 3.6%, lesser than the national average. It makes sense that you would hire more employees as your business grows and require an office space with significant scope to expand.

Reputable agencies offer expansive outdoor space and patio areas for growth prospects while fostering employee interactions with adequate social distancing. See if you can either use the additional space for landscaping or expanding your workspace in the future to accommodate the newly-added workforce.

Spacious Floor Plan with Direct Access Walk-up

Del Mar’s famous rental providers showcase two-story office spaces, with spacious floor plans, with each rental unit covering from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. Moreover, you can use their two-story direct access walk-up, making the office environment more creative and sophisticated.

Such features allow you to plan elaborately, ensuring at least 70 square feet of space for your employees. Look for adequate room for everyone to ensure your workforce productivity indeed exceeds your performance expectations.

Prolific Storage Facility

The 11th and 15th streets around South Beach are the most-frequented hotspots among Del Mar surfers. Water in these locations swells in the range of 220-280-degrees, with tides levels below 4 feet.

Having an office in a beach city, you will have employees who are surfing enthusiasts. Confirm if the office area has a productive storage facility, say for a surfboard, bike or valuable company inventory.

Features With COVID-19 Handling Capacity

Since last year, Del Mar has reported COVID-19 cases in the range between 1 to 1,400.

So, to have an office facility that suits the prevailing pandemic situation, it should have a creative social distancing design plan and in the most innovative way. Check with the experts if your leased space will have exterior entries, restrooms access from the shared outdoor area and independent HVAC systems.

Modern Parking Facility

Leading renting experts suggest that maintaining four spaces per 1,000 square feet is perfect for Del Mar, considering its population and the local’s lifestyle. Also, as per recent reports, there is a massive market for electric cars in California. And according to Del Mar EV Charging Fee and EV Commuting Incentive Program, the City Council has set the EVC Fee as $0.35 for the first three hours and $0.70 after that.

Ensure that the rental professionals provide abundant surface parking and include several electric car charging stations in the rental office plot. It ensures your office visitors can better utilize the parking facility, amounting to your growing client base and workforce.

Summing Up

Owing to the San Diego county grants, like the $17 million small business stimulus program, Del Mar will have job growth of over 34% over the next ten years.

It is the best time to pursue your enterprise aspirations. Engage a reputable rental professional and invest in a state-of-the-art Del Mar office space facility with the latest features to achieve excellent profits from your business in the beach town.