Tips for Travelling in Spain

When it comes to traveling and exploring the wonders of the world, Spain is one of the most visited countries. While the country is blessed with ample natural beauty but its warm climate and never-ending festivals make it one of Europe’s most liveliest cities. Even though the country’s hospitality makes you feel at home from day one but there are several factors you need to consider to make the most out of the Spanish culture and experience. Let’s discuss. 

Adapt to Spanish Time

The first thing that tourists struggle with while travelling to anywhere in the world is new time zones. This is why hiring experts like Around walking tours comes handy. In the case of Spain, tourists have to experience an added complication, given the late schedule of the country. For instance, afternoons in Spain last until around 8:00 pm, which in most countries marks the opening of restaurants. 

Furthermore, most Spaniards do not even indulge in their evening meals unless their friends and family members join them, which usually takes place around 10:00 pm or late. This is particularly the case with Madrid, which is known for its notoriously late schedule. 

Therefore, if you plan on visiting Span, adjusting to its late schedule is one of the most important tips for travelling. The sooner you adjust to it, the easier it will be for you to enjoy the late-night Spanish lifestyle. 

Indulge In Tapas Culture

Although Tapas culture is amongst the biggest highlights of Spain but the majority of tourists, especially those traveling for the first time are not aware of how the culture actually works. While Spain has a lot of tapas-style restaurants but the smaller local bards tend to have more variety to choose from. Plus, the variety varies based on the region. 

Depending on the region, you might also be offered free tapas while ordering a drink. With that said, you can easily fill up on tapas at the end of each sightseeing day with a drink, without having to actually order food. This can also serve as a money-saving strategy. 

Head North

If you are a traveler who loves food, you need to head to the north. This part of the country is known for the best Spanish food especially tapas that are offered in the form of pintxos or pinchos. Even though most tourists head for the Costa Brava or Costa del Sol as soon as they land in the country but you should face the north coast. 

This region is mostly overlooked as it is considerably wetter and experiences an unpredictable climate throughout the year. However, if you manage to overcome that, the north is going to offer you the most interesting and beautiful parts of the country. The northern regions of Asturias, Galicia, and the Basque Country feature splendid hiking routes, rolling green hills, and spectacular bays. 

Travel by Bus to Save Money

Although Spain has an excellent high-speed rail network but it can be very expensive to use especially for tourists. With that said, you should travel by bus. Apart from being affordable, it is a simple travel tip that allows you to explore Spain’s natural beauty up close. 

You can easily travel from one destination to another via coach services that connect both major towns and cities. 

Try to Take in at least One Big Festival

As mentioned earlier, Spain is Europe’s most liveliest destination for a reason. Every day, you will come across a new festival taking place and it is important that you indulge in at least one to experience the ultimate Spanish culture. The Valencian region holds two big festivals known as Fallas celebrations and the very messy ‘La Tomatina’ festival occurring in the town of Bunol.

On the other hand, you have San Fermin taking place in Spain, which includes bull runs in the streets of Pamplona. And then, you have Easter parades followed by the Feria de Abril, which is one of Spain’s grandest festivals literally shutting down the entire city for partying and dancing.

Explore the Different Neighborhoods

While you are celebrating countless festivals the country has to offer, you should spend some time exploring the different neighborhoods as well. For instance, you can visit Barcelona, which is buzzing with tourists at weekends and peak times of the year.

Despite the fact, that places like the La Rambla and Barcelona’s most central beach feature fancy restaurants and bars but it would be unwise to spend all your time there as most of these gimmicky attractions are overpriced and low-quality. In addition to that, these places also attract pickpockets and thieves.

Try Regional Drinks and Dishes

Spain is a regionalized country, which means that even its cuisines and specialties vary based on the region. Different regions offer different specialties such as Valencia, which happens to be the birthplace of the paella. Then, you have Andalusia offering Gazpacho, which is basically a soup, helping the tourists cool down during the hot summer months. 

At the same time, for the love of cuisine, you should visit northern Spain including regions like Asturias that boast and pride themselves on their unique and finger-licking recipes. 

Don’t Visit in the Middle of the Summer

Spain is a huge country and considering all that it has to offer, you would want to explore it the most if possible. However, you should avoid visiting in the middle of the summer that is between late July and throughout August. The reason is that the coastal towns and resorts are overcrowded and expensive and the extremely hot and humid temperature turns your trip into an unpleasant experience. 

Final Word

There is no denying that Spain is one of the most splendid travel destinations in the world. From the crowded streets to the regional cuisines, everything is worth experiencing. However, instead of spending all your time in one region, you should divide it and indulge in different regional festivals to make your trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience.