The Asgardian Odinsword–Oversword

The Odinsword is a term that is used to several Asgardian weaponskept by Odin, a Marvel Comics character. One of the notable Odinsword is the Asgardian ‘Oversword.’This weapon, called the Oversword,was created around 1000 AD by Asgard’s monarch named Odin. He made the sword by transforming the cursed Rhinegold ring of power into a giant sword that was about 10 yards long using his power-scepter. It is a unique weapon that, if ever unsheathed, would bring the end of the universe at hand.

How was the Oversword created?

Apparently, when Asgard was destroyed by Ragnarok, it was then re-created by the gods of gods called Those Who Sit Above in Shadow. The Mjolnir survived Asgard’s rebirth and ended up crashing upon the Earth’s Rhine Valley. From there, the Rhinegold was forged. However, it was taken away by a gnome called Alberich of Nibelheim, despite the protection of the mermaids, Flosshilda, Vellgunda, and Voglinda. Alberich then reshaped the Rhinegold into the Ring of Power.Alberich was rewarded with a vast fortune with the ring, enabling him to mine lots of gold riches from the ground. Consequently, Odin forced Alberich to surrender the ring to swap it with the giant that kidnapped the goddess, Idunn. Although Alberich parted with the ring, he cursed it so no one would ever rejoice in it.

Subsequently, Thor Odinson had wielded the ring while disguised in various mortal ways, until Odin finally ripped the ring in two. He used the half of the ring to nail himself to Yggdrasil, the World-Tree, and had received visions from the extraterrestrial creatures, the Third Host of the Celestials. When the Third Host of the Celestials, confirmed the retribution of the other Celestials, Odin supervised the creation of the Destroyer armor. He also reshaped the Ring of Power into the Oversword, a weapon against the Fourth Host of the Celestials.

The Asgard and the Oversword

Through the years, several numbers of Asgard’s rivals have attempted to invoke the Odinsword to destroy the Asgard, like Mangog, an evil monster. Also, Odin used the Oversword as a weapon against the Destroyer armor after it sucked all of the Asgardians’ souls. However, despite the Oversword’s power, it has inadequate powersagainst the Celestials.In fact, Thor had used the Oversword and threw it to the Celestial Arishem, and the enemy remained unharmed.Consequently, Arishem analyzed the Oversword and then tried melting it, in the process of exorcising the curse of the Nibelung.

Once a crack formed on the blade of the Oversword, Odin became concerned for the Asgard and ordered his sons, Loki and Thor, to identify the cause of the crack. The duo then led an expedition through the Nine Worlds of Asgard. While the brothers were on their journey, Odin himself went to the prophetess named Volla, where he received visions of Ragnarok. Upon knowing that Loki would be the one to set out Ragnarok, Odin imprisoned his son. He imprisoned Loki to prevent Asgard’s fatal fate and prevent the cracks of the Oversword from becoming larger. In addition, Odin also kept a closer eye on Loki’s action.When Odin entered his Odinsleep phase, Asgard was invaded by the monster, Mangog, who attempted to unsheathe the Oversword to destroy the earth. Although Asgard ‘s forces failed to keep Mangog from the chamber of the Oversword, Thor promptly awakened Odin to overcome Mangog and restore the sheath on the Oversword.

Following Mangog’s attack, the monster once again made another effort at drawing the Oversword. Mangog employed Igron, the sorcerer, to help him pretended to be Odin and use the Asgard’s force for his own motive. However, after Mangog killed Igron, he had lost the connection to the Asgardians. This event had made Mangog too weak to draw the Oversword. He eventually died and faded out of sight.During the War of the Serpent, it was revealed that there is another Oversword. In the crisis with Skadi, the frost giantess, Odin had presented a sword to Thor. This sword was claimed to be the Odinsword. However, Odin, later on, reveals that the sword’s real name is ‘Ragnarok.’Odin also said that it is the only weapon that could defeat the evil serpent named Cul Borson.