Talisman Casualty Insurance Company – A Review

Insurance has specific categories of coverage where it follows the principles of indemnity. Apart from that, there are broad liability coverages as well, that includes numerous insurances of vehicle, theft, property, workers compensation, and many more. This is considered casualty insurance.

Talisman Casualty Insurance – A Review

A Las-Vegas based company who offers alternate risk transferring solutions for its clients are looking to expand in the market by providing liability and property insurance. Talisman focuses more on the captive insurance market, where the services are commercial and obtainable to only those businesses who partake in the underwriting cell.

What Is Captive Insurance?

Captive insurance in simple terms means self-insurance, where the parent company finds a need to build another licensed insurance company, to insure itself from huge losses. This can in some cases be considered as reinsurance or in this case Talisman Casualty reinsurance, where the portfolio is shared among two licensed companies to protect itself from huge calamity losses.

Talisman Insurance Programs

Talisman casualty insurance puts forth flexible as well as tailored insurance services for business owners looking for reliable insurance providers. As many startups and businesses are looking for self-insurance, Talisman casualty insurance helps to fill the gap.

Their unique programs include:

Surety Program

This acts as a credit instrument and is a protection for business owners who are facing trouble to meet their contractual obligation. It is a bond that promises to pay for the client who might be unable to fulfill their agreements, like being unable to pay for debts. Surety helps the client to fulfill their contractual obligations.

There are different types of surety bonds which include, Payment and Performance bonds that fulfill the agreement of a business’s supplier and workers. Compliance and Licensing bonds are for maintaining their professional license and permits. Courts and legal bonds help the clients to meet their court-related obligations. There are other surety bonds available as well.

Pet Professional Program

It comes under the small business owner general liability, which covers for the emerging pet-related services provider.

This includes Pet Sitter and Dog Walkers, Pet Trainers, and covering the Pet Economy which considers Breeders and Pet Groomers, etc. This program addresses the pet professionals individual needs, and provides coverage so they can focus on their progress and be competitive.

Marine Program

This is a program designed for those medium and small-sized businesses who have their asset base and operations over the waters. Whether fishing operations or marine contractor, it offers coverage of Maritime employers’ liability for its employees, hull protection, indemnity for damaged vessels underwater, comprehensive general liability for any property damages, bodily injuries, and false claims.


Talisman Insurance values the idea that creativity is involved while managing risk in today’s modern world. This is the reason why Talisman comes up with creative programs and solutions for businesses is to manage their risk efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.