PMP Certification Verification [Check Your PMP Status]

PMI registry is an essential tool for all PMP aspirants, recruiters, and employers as it is used for the online PMP certification verification. PMP trainers, project managers, or aspirants use the PMI registry to verify the PMP certification verification online. Visit  Fortifid for identity verification and other verification services.

What Is PMI Registry?

Imagine a real-time verified and searchable database having the credentials of all certified PMP aspirants – this is called the PMI registry. The purpose of this platform is to check online whether a person is really a PMP certificate holder or not from the PMI.

Besides, it carries a lot of other info like –how long the candidate has been PMP certified. In this article, we aim to show you how you can check your PMP certification status online. If you want to verify your PMP online test results, just dive in.

Why Do You Need the PMI Registry for PMP Certification Verification?

Before we deep dive into how you can access the PMI Registry to check for PMP certified personnel using online credentials. Let’s take a look at when you might need to find these details.

Using the PMI registry is not for yourself only. Suppose you are aiming to get PMP certified. Furthermore, you are looking for a comprehensive 35 – 40 hours intensive boot camp where you can learn all about PMP certification.

Now, it is easy to say that you will definitely have a lot of options at your disposal to choose from, and this is where it gets difficult. But you can narrow down your options simply by searching the mentor of each of these boot camps if they are certified or not. And if they are certified, then for how long they are certified.

It is wise to choose a mentor with more experience but, that piece of information will remain unavailable to you if you do not know about the PMI registry for PMP certification verification.

Also, you can showcase your own portfolio as a verified and certified PMP aspirant for potential employers and trainers to hire you with more reliability and pay scale.

How Should You Use the PMI Registry for the PMP Certification Verification?

Follow these steps to verify a PMP certification online:

  1. Visit and click on the certification. Choose Certification Registry from the menu
  2. Click the link, and it will take you to the Certification Registry page
  3. Click on ‘Search the PMI Online Certification Registry
  4. The click will take you to the relevant page. You will find a search bar that can be used to search the PMI credentials. Type in the last name of the candidate you want to check along with the first name, country, and credentials for the online portal to obtain accurate results. Example name of a candidate – Mr. Jason Murray.

What Does PMP Certified Candidates Say About PMI Registry?

You or someone you are looking for in the PMI registry may not appear in the search results. And that happens for two reasons:

Firstly, PMI considers a sizeable amount of time after each PMP exam to update their validated database of passed PMP candidates. You should keep in mind that normally it takes 5 working days to update the database as soon as you have obtained the notice of passing the PMP exam. But, in the worst case, you can expect up to 4 weeks.

Secondly, the PMI voluntarily maintains a disclosure of information. In other words, if you are a candidate who already passed the PMP exam, you can choose whether you want to keep your credentials private. The PMI online portal settings allow you to stop displaying your credentials on the certified PMP candidate list. Also check out project management courses as well.

To Wrap Up

In a world where competitive online certifications are available everywhere, it is hard to keep track of the real certified professionals among the masses. As a manager, project trainer, or as PMP aspirant, you should validate your certification to stay on top of the job curve.

For obvious reasons, PMI certification verification is a splendid way to check whether your credentials as a PMP aspirant are legal or not, and that accounts for better benefits in your career in the long run.