Personality of James Garfield

James Abram Garfield was described as a robust muscular man, with a handsome figure. He stood six feet tall with a sizeable unproportioned forehead, light brown hair, and blue eyes. He wore his beard since he was a young adult, and he was also left-handed.

James Garfield was raised in a pugnacious environment; however, he seasoned into a good-natured and friendly fellow. He was extremely tactile. He was a hugger and often slung an arm around the shoulders of whomever he was talking.

James Garfield was also known as a great orator and was among the most popular in his time. He tends to be bold, creative, deconstructing, and rebuilding ideas together with astonishing mental agility. James Garfield also has the capacity and capability to connect disparate ideas to prove his point. He was also a notorious devil’s advocate and thrived to shred the Republicans’ beliefs during the Republican Presidential Convention in Chicago.

He followed a path of a risky and independent thinker. He enjoyed his metacognition mental exercise because of his intelligent, logical, and analytical mentality; however, he was miserable in managing his day-to-day mechanics and even struggled to implement his ideas. James Garfield loves to brainstorm and think big but end up refraining from doing repetitive tasks at all costs.

James Garfield was an intelligent person with scholarly attributes. He rarely passes up to learn something new, particularly when it has something to do with abstract concepts. That is why James Garfield stood up in providing education to the freed slaves. He found it fascinating to apply his flexible mind to shift from an idea to idea without exerting too much effort. He even drew points from his accumulated knowledge to prove a point and refute his opponent.

He was also known to be an excellent brainstormer. As he enjoyed analyzing problems from every angle to conclude the best solutions, he combined his knowledge and authenticity to present all the possibilities and reject ideas that will complicate the solution without remorse.

James Garfield was a famous and attractive person. He has a way with words and wit that others find intriguing. His confidence, quick thought, and ability to connect made him charming. He was also impressively enthusiastic and energetic. He had no reservations with putting in long days and nights to find a solution to a particular problem or situation.

On the other hand, he also had his set of weaknesses and flaws. Since he enjoyed being challenged intellectually, He tends to be very argumentative. He often tears down the consensus-oriented individual’s beliefs and led them to a great deal of tension.

James Garfield was also insensitive to being so rational. He often misjudged others’ feelings and magnified the issue tremendously, such as the lenience of Andrew Johnson towards the former Confederate members and even the controversies during the time of Ulysses S. Grant. He often stands up to rational scrutiny, or he would shrug it off.

It was also evident that he had a hard time focusing. Since he was very flexible, he can develop original plans and ideas; however, James Garfield tends to readapt perfectly for the new good ones he came up with. He believed his fresh thoughts are the solution, but it is not always a helpful one.

Relating to romance, if there’s one thing James Garfield is good at, it is definitely how he came up with a never-ending stream of innovations and ideas to keep things forward with his wife, Lucretia. He believed that she was the one he would share the love for intellectual exploration. His idea of fun is self-improvement, and they share the same spirit of not being stagnant nor a happy status quo.

There was a point where they faced infidelity, and James confessed his sin to his wife; that is why their relationship was not torn apart. A little time to breathe and the chance to rest is all it takes.

As a friend, James Garfield was loyal and supportive because he wanted his peers to tell him whenever he was right and whenever he was wrong. As James was inclined to suppress his emotions or feelings, he was clueless about handling the situation and would look for a shoulder to cry on.

If there’s anything James Andrew liked, it’s flexing his mental muscles, and he utilized his never-ending flow of ideas to lead the United States through his degree of spontaneity. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to see how his vision could have worked out for the nation recovering from the American Civil War and even corruption in the previous administration.

Armed with intellect and vivid imagination, James Garfield attempted to overcome or outmaneuver the obstacles to lead a nation to a more organized and systematic manner despite many understandings and skepticisms.