Introduction to the Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

What is the Longclaw?

Longclaw is one of the rarest swords in the world of the Game of Thrones, written by author George R. R. Martin. This sword, wielded by Jon Snow, the bastard son of Ned Stark, is made out of a rare material called the Valyrian steel.

Being made out of Valyrian steel, Longclaw is notable for playing a significant role in defending the mankind in several threats presented in the series. For instance, the White Walker, a humanoid creature that poses supernatural threats to humankind. Nevertheless, these creatures were able to be defeated by fire and weapons made out of Dragonglass or Valyrian steel.

Moreover, the sword, Longclaw, was formerly wielded by the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch before it was given to Jon Snow, who soon became the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. This sword, being wielded by two commanders not only adds up to the sword’s reputation but as well as to the mystery of the sword.

The Longclaw’s Appearance

The Longclaw has a very minimalistic design except from the sword’s pommel. In the series of GOT, its pommel has a wolf’s head design, although initially, it was actually a bear’s head. However, no clips were shown when the sword still had it. When it was first shown in the series, the pommel already has a wolf’s head.

Since Jon was adopted by Ned Stark from the House of Stark, whose sigil is a wolf, Jeor, the Lord Commander, had it changed before giving it to Jon Snow after the latter saved him from a Wight, a reanimated corpse. Furthermore, as most of the weapons made out of Valyrian steel, it also has a ripple pattern on its blade.

Who Made the Longclaw Sword?

There is not much information about whether who forged or who had made the Longclaw sword. However, as it was made from Valyrian Steel, it was surely forged a long time ago during the Valyrian times.

Unfortunately, this steel becomes so rare after the process of forging such material has been lost. This steel, however, can be recreated, but only three known blacksmiths in the world have the ability to re-create or rework this magical Valyrian steel.

This steel was expensive and was said to be forged with dragon fire and magic. Also, After the Doom of Valyria, the swords made of Valyrian steels were later owned by the different Houses, making them their ancestral heirlooms.

The Abilities of the Longclaw

This sword wasn’t just an ordinary weapon. Again, as it was made of rare steel, it possesses magic, in which not all is known yet. However, there were few of its mystical properties shown including the following abilities listed below:

Longclaw is lightweight: All other Valyrian steel made weapons, including the Longclaw, is known for its distinct characteristic of being lightweight. Along with the other Valyrian weapons, this sword was lighter than the other steel weapons, which gives the wielder an advantage in every battle.

This might not sound much, but the weight of a weapon is somewhat a huge factor in a battle. Heavy weapons tend to be a hindrance during long battles, in contrast to weapons that are light weighted.

Longclaw is durable and does not easily shatter: One of the many characteristics of Valyrian steel is that it is more durable than any other steel weapons. Being forged with dragon fire, Longclaw is nearly indestructible, has a sharpness that never dulls, and could defeat any foe.

Longclaw can kill White Walkers: Using this sword, the wielder could easily kill the humanoid creature called White Walkers.  This is one of its remarkable ability for no ordinary weapon could kill White Walkers and Wights.

Longclaw is one of the most mystical weapons: We already had discussed the powers of the weapon created using the Valyrian steel.

However, much is yet to be known about its magical properties since the knowledge about the Valyrian steel was forgotten. But one thing is for sure. Longclaw is easily one of the most expensive items in the world of Game of Thrones.