Introduction to the Elucidator Sword of Kirito from Sword Art Online

What is the Elucidator?

Sword Art Online is a Japanese anime light novel series written by Reki Kawahara. This anime series takes place in the future and focuses on the protagonist Kirigaya Kazuto (known as Kirito). Kirito, the wielder of the sword Elucidator, is a player in a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online (VRMMO), called the Sword Art Online (SAO). In the series, SAO is the very first VRMMO roleplaying game produced by Corporation Argus for the NerveGear. SAO, the online game, takes place on a floating castle with hundred floors, called Aincrad.

The Elucidator is a sword that Kirito obtained came from the 50th floor in the SAO. It is a demonic monster drop that came from the boss of the said floor. Along with the Elucidator, Kirito also wielded a sword called the Dark Repulser. Both swords were boosted to +40 on a maximum of 50. You can also check here for more great options.

What Does the Elucidator Look Like?

The Elucidator sword is a powerful sword that has a black hilt that connects to the sword’s guard that drops down on the right side. As well as that, like its hilt, the Elucidator’s blade is completely black, with a touch of a light grey outline. Additionally, based on the series’ illustrations, there is a small cross engraved beneath the tip on the flat of its blade.

The Appearances of the Elucidator Sword in SAO Series

SAO Volume 2, Warmth of Heart:In Warmth of Heart, Kirito showed the Elucidator to Lisbeth (also Shinozaki Rika), a player trapped in the game that eventually became a swordsmith. Kirito then asked Lisbeth for a blade with equal quality. Rika evaluated the weapon and told Kirito that the Elucidator is not a player-made weapon. She said that it is a high-quality and rare boss drop.

Subsequently, when Lisbeth offered her best sword, Kirito struck it using the Elucidator to test its durability. Lisbeth’s sword was broken after the durability test. On June 26, one day after Kirito’s request, the sword similar to the Elucidator was made, the Dark Repulser. Kirito then wielded both of these swords throughout the game.

SAO Lisbeth Edition, Sound of Water, Sound of Hammer: In this side story, Lisbeth was shown upgrading Kirito’s Dark Repulser from +39 to +40. At the same time, Kirito also asked Lisbeth to upgrade his Elucidator with the same boost she made to the Dark Repulsor. With this upgrade, the sword Elucidator boosts Kirito’s attack by 50%. However, this dropped his overall evasion and defense by 25%.

SAO Volume 1, Chapter 9: Kirito used the Elucidator and the Dark Repulser to kill The Gleam Eyes, the boss of the 74th floor, to protect the Aincrad Liberation Force Party. Two days later after that, on October 20, the Black Swordsman, Kirito, used his Elucidator and Dark Repulser in a duel against Heathcliff in Collinia. However, Kirito lost.

SAO Volume 1, Chapter 21: In a battle against the Skull Reaper, the 75th-floor boss that looks like a skeletal centipede, Kirito also used both of his blades.

Shortly after, in a fight against Heathcliff (also Kayaba Akihiko), the main antagonist, the Dark Repulser, was shattered. Asuna, the main heroine of the series, sacrifices herself to save Kirito. The Elucidator was then knocked from his hand when he feebly attempted to resume an attack against Heathcliff, the Knights of the Blood guild leader.

SAO Ordinal Scale (Side Story):In Sao Ordinal Scale story arc, Kirito battle against the 100th-floor boss, An Incarnation of the Radius. It was a monster developed by Argus, who was later revealed to be Kayaba Akihiko, himself. When Akihiko turned SAO to be a death game, he intended to take the place of the monster boss if the floor was reached by a player.

During the battle in the hundredth floor, The Dark Repulser and the Elucidator sword were loaded by Yui (the AI of the 22nd floor) with the save data for Kirito’s avatar from the SAO server. Using the two swords he has, Kirito performed the Starbust Stream, a sixteen hit sword skill, as his final attack to kill the floor boss.

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