Introduction to Link’s Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda

What is the Master Sword?

There are various names in which Master Sword is known. Some of these names are “Blade of Evil’s Bane,” “The Legendary Sword,” “The Master Sword Resurrection,” “The Goddess Sword,” “The Sword that Seals the Darkness,” “The Hero’s Sword,” and “The Sacred Sword.”

The Master Sword was forged by Hylia, one of the goddesses of the fantasy world of Zelda called Hyrule. Because it was made by a goddess, the sword’s first name was “The Goddess Sword.” However, it was later on forged into “The Master Sword” with the help of Fi, a humanoid spirit who lives in the sword. Subsequently, the sword had recurring appearances throughout The Legends of Zelda game series as the primary tool used to defeat the world’s villains.

What does the Master Sword look like?

In most of the game series where the sword appears, The Master Sword has a blue or purple grip. It is a double-edged blade that has a blue guard and is a single-handed sword. In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Times, it was seen that the Master Sword is half the size of its wielder, Link. Also, a famous Triforce Symbol was engraved at the base of the sword’s blade. In addition, the sword contains yellowish gemstones that were engraved in the lower part of the blade.

The Master Sword’s Three States of Activity

  • Low-power State –As mentioned in the Legend of Zelda: The Breath of Wild, the Master Sword is coated in red rust during its low-power state. Also, in this state, the Master Sword has a very low power. While in this state, its rusted appearance is said to attract lightning during thunderstorms.
  • Active State –When the sword is in its active state, the yellow gemstones embedded in the sword illuminated. This light signifies that the sword is active, and it also signifies energy. Moreover, when the sword is awakened or active, the wings on its guard expand, signifying that the sword is ready for battle.
  • Inactive State –When the Master Sword is inactive, the gemstones were not illuminated. The wings of the sword are also rested, in contrast to its appearance when in an active state.

The Abilities of the Master Sword

It can destroy evil –The Master Sword has several capabilities that it gives to its wielder. The best-known attribute of the master sword is that it can kill and destroy all evil forces. For instance, this was the only sword that hasthe capabilities to beat Ganondorf. It also has the ability to repel evil. In its defensive sense, no evil forces can ever touch the sword.

The Master Sword is durable –The Master Sword also has an incredible strength and power, which allows the sword to be durable. Although the sword has been known to lose its powers, the sword never broke, as seen in the Breath of the Wild.

It can destroy barriers and curses –This sword can help destroy magical barriers, as well as curses. It is also used to cut through these magical barriers, laid by dark magic. In fact, the Master Sword was the only weapon that has the power to save a hero from the shadow crystal curse in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

The Master Sword has a light force –This sword has the ability to harness divine energy, as well as lightning strikes to perform the Skyward Strike. To achieve this special move, the wielder, Link, must hold the sword upward to the heavens. With this move, Link can release a powerful beam that will shoot out to the opponents.

Has the ability to repel –This sword has the power to possess reflection properties. With this ability, it can reflect the opponent’s magical attacks and subverts the offense back on the enemy.

Has the ability to open doors – Aside from the capabilities mentioned above, the Master Sword also has the power to open doors. This sword is not only used to kill evil opponents, but is also used as a key to open secret places. For instance, this sword is the key to open the Temple of Light, as well as to the Temple of Time and to the Sacred Realm that leads to the Triforce.