How to Run A Great Online Casino News Website

An online casino news website is a great source for you to know the latest updates on some of the most well-known online casinos on the web, like Vera and John Casino and many more. Not only will casino news websites offer the latest news about online casinos, but they would also tell you more about the recent happenings in the e-gaming or online gambling industry, like the current value of digital coins and expansions of gambling businesses around the world.

So, if you want to bring casino goers the newest updates and occurrences in the world of online casinos and sports betting, then you may want to set up a reliable online casino news website. Unfortunately, while setting up an online casino website is relatively easy if you create it through WordPress, making it intuitive, beginner-friendly, and safe for your viewers or visitors can be quite difficult. Before you start dedicating most of your time to making and running an online casino news site, there are several essential things that you should know in order to make your website look better and run faster. These are some tips on how to run a great online casino news website.

Install and Use Plugins

One of the major tips that we can give you to run a reliable online casino news site is to download, install, and utilize plugins if you are using WordPress. Plugins are tools that website owners can use to improve different aspects of their site, such as loading speeds, incorporating chat boxes, and even allowing the owner to see analytics on the site like page views and more. These plugins can come in a variety of forms or types, so it would be best to research these tools to know which ones are suitable for your website. 

For online casino news websites, we recommend that you download WordPress plugins and themes that enable you to add a chat box on your site so that visitors can contact you faster if ever they have questions about specific online casinos. In addition, you may also want to download Google Analytics plugins to know how many page views you get per day and see how you can improve those numbers.

Have a Custom Theme

When you first start creating a website on WordPress, you will be given a standard theme that frankly looks bland and boring. To improve the overall appearance of your site, it would be better if you can download custom themes that are available through WordPress or third-party websites that offer themes that are much more customizable than the standard themes on WordPress.

There are many third-party companies that provide themes online, with some of them offering free themes that you can download immediately without paying for anything on their website. However, the best themes are arguably the premium ones that you would need to pay through your credit card or e-pay platforms like PayPal before you can download and install them on your WordPress site. Choose the theme that would match well with your online casino news logo in order for your website to look much more uniform.

Prioritize Customizing the Homepage

web design illustration

The homepage is usually the first web page that visitors will see on your website, so it is recommended that you make a great first impression by prioritizing the customization of the website’s homepage to look simple yet informative to the overall content of your online casino news site. You don’t have to make your homepage complicated, as the complexity of the web page may just turn off your visitors from viewing other pages on your website. 

Make the homepage as simple as possible without being bland, which can be achieved by having a neat custom theme and an intuitive navigation bar that would lead visitors to all the pages they need to see on your website. The navigation bar is another thing that you should prioritize for your website, as it would need to appear on all the pages on the site so that visitors can easily go back to a specific page. Having an intuitive navigation bar will boost your page views and thus help your website have a higher SEO ranking and broader reach on the internet.

Customize Page Templates

WordPress has design page templates that are easy to edit for website owners and easy to read for visitors. However, the templates that WordPress provides don’t always apply to every website created on the platform. For your online casino news website, the simple page template may not work well, so it would be best to edit or customize the page templates so that they would appear more suitable for your site. The entire look of your website doesn’t only depend on amazing WordPress themes and plugins but also on how you edited the page templates.

In online casino news websites, the page template is relatively simple, as you would just need to place the headlines for each news article on the left side of the screen, while popular or recent posts should be seen on the right side. Of course, the navigation bar or menu should be placed at the top so that visitors can easily see it, and the logo of your website should be placed right on top of the bar, usually on the left corner. You may also want to add more information boxes on the page template like the current value and exchange rate of bitcoins or the leaderboard for some of the biggest winners in online casino tournaments.

And, those are four helpful tips on how to run a great online casino news website and make it look better. Of course, in order for the website to have a wider reach on the web, you would need to constantly provide updates and write news articles about Vera and John and other online casinos every day so that activity on your website is always running smoothly. The busier an online casino news website is, the higher the chances that it would eventually appear on the top of search lists on search engines like Google. Do your best in improving and updating your website to have a spotlight in the busy online casino industry.