Famous Canadian Places to Visit

Canada is a great place to go when you want to have a vacation. Many Canadians enjoy touring their country and so do many Americans like to tour Canada. Canada is a very large country with many different places to go for vacation. You might want to take a driving route and tour the country only stopping for a night and then going on along your way. You will be able to cover more ground that way but you cannot get the full effect of the country unless you take the time to stay in some of the towns.


Alberta is province of Canada. One of the most beautiful places that you would ever want to see especially Banff National Park with all of its great wonders and outdoor adventures. Many different birds stay around the area that you can see and take pictures. The ghost towns in the area are open for you to wonder about in and even take in some of the mining techniques that were used. The Rocky Mountain House is a scenic route that you most certainly will want to travel when you are in the Alberta region.

With all these scenic areas to see, it’s really no surprise that many people move to Alberta for good.  If you’re open to living here, there are a ton of options in the real estate market. You could settle down in Alberta townhomes,  condos, or apartments — it’s really up to your preference and budget. It’s something to ponder on, even if you’re just aiming to see the sights for now.

Canadian Rockies Tour

The majestic rockies are truly amazing. If you haven’t taken the time to view the grand Rockies in Canada, you should!  One of the best ways to see them is via the Canadian Rockies tour is the most scenic tour offered in Canada.

You are able to see the majestic mountains along with the beautiful lakes as you travel along on the deluxe Canadian Rockies Train. The Rocky Mountaineer train conducts this trip and it travels to Jasper through the majestic Canadian Rockies. When you take your vacation in Canada, the Canadian Rockies is the most awesome trip that you will ever take.

There are many wonderful things to see and places to visit all along this trail which most people prefer to go by train but you can drive along the way and stop at some of the small towns that are all along the way. You will want to stop at the waterfalls, perhaps fish out of the rivers, and lakes, or stop to view more scenic wonders along the trail.

In some of the areas, there are special events that you can enjoy with the towns people. You will most certainly want to eat the foods that are prepared in the original authentic Canadian style. You can enjoy some of the artifacts along the way or perhaps you just would like to shop in many of the quaint little shops. Canadians are famous for their many festivals and street fairs. You are able to take part in these special events making your tour of the Canadian Rockies even more pleasant. You will surely enjoy your festival days with all the music, parades, and other activities that have been planned. You are able to watch and enjoy with your family and in some cases, you can even join in on the excitement by participating in the festivals.

The hotels that are along the way are kid friendly providing waterparks for the enjoyment of the children and most of the hotels offer a large Ferris Wheel that is fun for the whole family. You can enjoy your stay with all the comforts of home.

The restaurants are also kid friendly with many of the foods that children enjoy. You no longer need to worry about eating problems with all the luxury that is found in the many restaurants. The fast food restaurants are available that are found in America. You are able to find many Canadian fast food restaurants where you can enjoy the same kind of foods that the whole family will enjoy eating.


Halifax is right on the Atlantic Ocean giving you a breath taking view that will remain in your memories forever. Along the Atlantic Ocean is the historic maritime museum and many of the wonderful sites viewed only from Halifax. The Halifax gardens bloom their best during the summer months letting you see many different flowers and plant life. The maritime museum hosts artifacts from some of the most famous shipwrecks recorded in history. You are able to see things from the Edmond Fitzgerald and other famous ships. Halifax has the Old Town Clock, which is a piece of heritage that you will enjoy getting to see along with many other valuable things of interest.

Across Detroit-Windsor border

Just across the border into Canada, you will find many cities that are great for vacation or just for a day of tourism. The Canadian-American border is considered one of the longest borders in the world. One of the popular cities that you might want to tour along the border is Windsor, Canada.

This border town is reached by crossing the Ambassador Bridge (which is a suspension bridge) is one of the many long bridges that you can use to cross into Canada and return to the United States. There are border patrols on both sides of this beautiful bridge so make sure that you have the appropriate ID and visa to make your tour into Canada. You can also use the tunnel from Detroit to Canada if you like instead of crossing the Ambassador Bridge. You will enjoy the lovely city of Windsor, Canada with its many sights and places to go for fun and adventure. In Windsor, you will find many festivals and fun places to go that the whole family will enjoy.

New York – Ontario

One of the most famous places to visit is the Niagara Falls, which is located partially in New York and partially in Canada. You will enjoy your visit to this part of Canada, which is just across the border from New York. Niagara Falls, Canada will give you a very enjoyable view of the falls along with many other interesting attractions. You will find your visit will be truly electrifying. Many couples enjoy this vacation area because it was set up for the honeymooners and adult entertainment. The nightlife is fantastic with Canadian casinos, concerts, and fine dining. You can enjoy the ultimate in tall buildings, enjoy the golf courses, or just spend relaxing time at the spas.

Some of the Niagara Falls attractions include the Butterfly Conservatory and Marine land. You will not want to miss the opportunity to travel behind the falls experiencing this great wonder of the world from the Maid of the Mist. Children are always welcome and the hotels offer water parks and a Ferris wheel for their enjoyment. The restaurants are kid friendly made to order food for the children’s enjoyment.

Vermont – Quebec

Quebec Canada is the city to visit when you want to see historical places, gorgeous landscapes, and enjoy many outdoor activities. Quebec is well known internationally for having a lot of festivals and special events. Quebec, Canada is within your reach if you live along the American-Canadian border. You will enjoy all the activities that this city has to offer. There is something for you to do during all season.

One of the things that many people enjoy doing who live on either side of the Canadian-American border is to take a road trip. You can drive along the border weaving back and forth touring the towns and seeing many exciting events.