Can Zeus Beat Superman

Who is stronger? Some might say “Zeus”. Others will say “Superman”. But it is certain that these two generate a force that seems to have no limits. If not, what about victories against their strongest enemies? To a fan, emotion is so high that they feel relieved when their favorite character wins. They even feel part of the scene. There can be no greater thrill in all the world than having to defeat your worst enemies.

However, seeing these two characters beat their most common enemies is not enough. That is why people often wonder what a battle between these two giants would be like: Zeus versus Superman. Sounds exciting? Too much! And this is where the doubts come in. But, as every fan deserves to have this information, here is what the outcome of such a battle would look like.

Zeus And Superman: Strengths, Skills And Abilities

Zeus is one of the Greek gods of mythology. He is known as the King of the gods. He possesses magical powers and great cosmic strength. Among his many abilities, the best known are weather and lightning control. You are probably thinking of a superhero who also has these superpowers. Thor? Yes, they are sometimes similar. However, Zeus has the power to resurrect the dead (into bodily life) and create life from scratch. This is a striking difference with the Marvel character.

As a very powerful god, Zeus owns divine skills. Mainly magic related. He knows how to manipulate energy and matter. Therefore, he is also capable of transforming himself in size and shape. He can even clone himself.

Superman is an individual who comes from a planet called Krypton. He was sent, by his parents, to planet Earth when Krypton was destroyed. Superman, also known as Clark Kent, has supernatural powers. The most well-known are, for example, that he can fly at the speed of light, even faster! In addition, he can shoot concentrated beams of high-heat energy out of his eyes.

It is said that the sun recharges his powers. Clearly, this is a reaction that a normal person cannot have. The most you can get from being in the sun, for example, is having a skin tanned. No more.

Zeus And Superman: Weaknesses

Zeus, being a god, is immortal. At this point, you may have already drawn a conclusion. However, this is not to say that he cannot have weaknesses. Zeus is known to be a very sentimental character. As a result, he gets into trouble easily. He is also too emotional and his mood changes often for no apparent reason. This confirms that nobody is perfect. Neither a god like Zeus.

Superman has a big weakness: kryptonite. What is it about? Kryptonite is a radioactive fragment from his planet, Krypton. It sounds ironic, but apparently, the planet where he was born doesn’t want him. Exposure to this element is very dangerous for Superman. With it, he can lose his superpowers. He might even die! Yes, Superman, the Man of Steel, is a mortal being.

Can Zeus Beat Superman

Some believe that putting both characters in this type of situation is a little unfair. Mainly because the gods are immortal, and it seems that nothing can stand against them. Therefore, in a battle between Zeus and Superman, it is obvious that the Greek god will win. However, there are those who claim that all Superman’s powers are not known yet. So, one day he could surprise the Olympian god and defeat him.

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