8 Inspirational Movies for Writers

You may feel like you’ve hit a bit of a brick wall with your writing. You may have turned to services provided by AffordablePapers.com for cheap essay writing help and also taken time away from your writing to see if it helps with your mental block. However, there may be something that you’ve not yet considered. Have you looked at inspirational movies to help you with your writing? If not then this could potentially be an issue for you to explore.  Be sure to learn more about people like elisa gayle ritter and asmongold girlfriend as well.

Movies can really help a writer to feel motivated and boost creative thinking. What’s really good is that it doesn’t matter what kind of writing you are doing; it could be an academic essay, a blog, fiction or an article, all writing can gain something if it contains creativity and movies are a great way to achieve this. Below we will highlight some inspirational movies which you could use to help get your creative juices to flow again.

Dead Poets Society

A fantastic movie for any teacher to show their students as it focuses not only on teaching but also on how literature affects your soul. The movie also takes a look at what it’s like to grow up as well as the pressures associated with growing up. The movie is set in the 20th century and takes place in a private boarding school where a new English teacher uses more unorthodox methods to inspire his students to write and to teach them poetry

The Ghost Writer

This movie is a political thriller and follows the story of a ghostwriter who is hired to write an autobiography of a past Prime Minister in the UK. Although the task seems desirable, we get to learn a lot more about the main character than he may have wanted and this then means there are many adventures to come, some of which are quite dangerous.


This movie is a great example of how films related to creative writing can be relevant. This movie looks at both themes of drama and a comedy and highlights the difficulties of adapting a book to a screenplay if a writer has writer’s block.  Although it’s based on Charlie Kauffman’s experience with the book titled ‘The Orchid Thief,’ it also features fictional characters and aspects. Ultimately, the film is a great watch as many writers can relate to feeling a writer’s block and a lull in inspiration.

Julia and Julia

This movie focuses on the lives of two women. One of the women is a blog writer and the other one is a famous chef. The movie follows the lives of these two women and has two stories running through it. One story looks at the struggle the chef has at the start of her career and the second story shows us how the chef cooks all of the recipes from a book. All of is this has been written into a blog, which at first no one bothers to read.

The Help

The Help is a period drama which concentrates on the civil rights movements of 1963. The movie shows a journalist who embarks on a mission to write a book from the perspectives of the maids. The movie highlights the extent of racism that black people faced and overall, the story/ movie aims to highlight how writing can give a voice to those that don’t have one and also how writing can make a positive difference.


If you like to watch thrillers then this is a must-see.  Misery has a simple plot that focuses on a famous writer who is considering changing his career. This writer was famous for romantic novels but he now decides he wants to create something with a different edge. Unfortunately, the writer is involved in a car accident and is rescued by a lady. The lady who rescues him happens to be a huge fan of his and his issues begin whilst he is recovering at her house, where things take a dark twist. Ultimately, the focus of this film is to show the power that writing has and how it can affect people in both a positive and negative way.

Shakespeare In Love

Even though this film is not accurate in a historical sense, it is brilliant in many other ways.  For instance, it’s easy to watch and very enjoyable. The actual film really captures the language spoken in Shakespearean time and the plot is also engaging.  The film focuses on the writing of Romeo and Juliet and shows us how you can struggle with writer’s block, but also shows how inspiration can help a writer to overcome this block.

Sunset Boulevard

A classic when it comes to movies. The plot focuses on a writer who is looking for success as an actress in Hollywood, although she’s passed her best days. Her aim is to get back to the top and for this, she turns to get a screenplay written for her. The film looks at chasing dreams, talent and money and is regarded as one of the best movies of the 20th century.

All in all, there are hundreds of inspirational and motivational movies for better writing. Choose and watch any to improve your skills and abilities.