Wonder Woman’s Amazonian Sword –The Godkiller

A superheroes’ weapon was a crucial part of their public image. Batman has his utility belt, Wolverine has his claws, and Captain America has his distinct shield. Among these superheroes is the Amazon hero, Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is undeniably one of the famous superheroes, even before her appearances on the big screen. Aside from that, she was also known as a powerful hero raised as a demi-god and an Amazon. Being a superhero, Wonder Woman had faced a lot of enemies who are as powerful or even more so.  In dealing with them, she had used some of her notable weapons who have a fair share when it comes to popularity and her image as a warrior. She has her Lasso of Truth, Bracelets of Submission, and her Amazonian Sword. Also, like all other notable superheroes’ weapons, Wonder Woman’s sword, which had played critical roles in every battle, has a rich history.

What is the Godkiller?

The Godkiller sword in the movie is different in comparison to its comic version. Technically, this sword only appeared on Wonder Woman’s titular standalone film. However, although she appeared in Batman vs. Superman, the sword she used in there was different.

In the movies, the Godkiller was believed to have the power to kill Ares. However, this very same sword was ironically destroyed by Ares himself. Regardless of that fact, even though it was easily destroyed, the sword was still proven to be durable. In fact, the Godkiller showed no visible damage before being used against Ares.

Also, Diana was seen using the sword on the battlefield during World War I. With that, it was seen how sharp and durable the Godkiller was, though it was not just powerful enough for Ares.

What Does the Sword Look Like?

As it was seen in the movie, Godkiller has a straight, double-edged blade which was held by two beasts’ mouths as the sword’s guard design. Also, along its silver blade were runes or incantations. On the other hand, from the sword’s guard to its pommel, the sword has a gold color. The sword’s handle has a dragon’s body with its tail as the sword’s pommel.

As previously mentioned, this sword only appeared in the standalone movie and was different from the design in the comic’s version.

Who Made the Godkiller?

The sword’s design was not the only thing that differs from the comic version, but the origin of the sword, as well. In Wonder Woman’s movie, it was noted that Zeus was the one who left the sword to the Amazons after Ares killed all the other gods. It was known that Zeus defeated Ares. However, Ares managed to return. Consequently, Zeus left the Godkiller so they may have a weapon to use against Ares.

Afterward, when a man named Steve Trevor found his way to Themyscira, he had convinced Diana to hunt down Ares. Before leaving, Diana had managed tosteal her weapons along with the Godkiller. Although she was successful in leaving her homeland, she had failed to kill Ares using the Godkiller.

The Godkiller Sword’s Abilities

Since the sword was destroyed too soon by Ares, we cannot surely tell if the sword has any more capabilities. However, it is known in the movie that the Godkiller sword was durable and incredibly sharp.

When it comes to the sword’s mystical properties, it was believed that the sword was nearly indestructible against everything. In fact, the sword could withstand bullets and was able to cut everything without being dull. Its only weakness is that an Olympian god can destroy it.

Godkiller Sword in Wonder Woman’s Comic Version

To start with, the Godkiller sword does not belong to Wonder Woman. It belongs to a supervillain named Deathstroke. In the comic version, the Godkiller sword is much more powerful. It truly looked like a mystical weapon, and it has a lot of different abilities than the Godkiller in the movie version. Also, in the comic version, the Godkiller was forged by Hephaestus, in which it was traded by the deal to kill Lapetus.

On Deathstroke’s mission to kill Lapetus, he stumbled upon the Amazon warrior, Wonder Woman. The two fought, and surprisingly, with the Godkiller, Deathstroke was able to take on the Amazon hero. Using the sword, Deathstroke was able to hit Wonder Woman so hard that the hero got knocked way back. During the fight, when Superman intervened, Deathstroke, using the sword, was also able to take blow against Superman.

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