Why Does Your Child Should Eat Breakfast?

If asked no one would like to have a short life with disturb routines, but most of those would be the ones who don’t eat their breakfast. Breakfast is also important because your last meal was at night, then you slept and to start the new day, you need new energy and passion. You may have passion but energy will definitely come from Breakfast! Some experts say that the word breakfast means “Breaking the fast”, because it’s like fasting after the dinner till the sun shows up.

Your breakfast is your magic pill; if there would be really a pill like that people would go beyond limits to get it. But they skip breakfast which is actually the key. This article has summarized some very important benefits of in taking breakfast and some ways for parents to make it attractive for their kids. All parents would find this article informative.

1. Breakfast equals better behavior

Healthy meals lead to healthy life style! No one can deny this fact. According to researches and analysis it has been concluded that the kids who eat their breakfast are more happy and lively. While others due to lack of energy, shows tired and irritated behaviors. And this makes them lag in every field; they are not good at maintaining stamina. While children who eat morning meals are more sharp, energetic and passionate. They tend to show less aggressive behavior. They have better schooling than others.

2. Eating breakfast led to better class attendance and better scores

Healthy body, healthy mind and 100% attendance are interconnected things. Those who take care of their meals have better immune system and show full attendance at school. The time you will spend eating breakfast will definitely pay back completely in the form of good health. Usually the problems of eyesight occur to those who skip morning meals. It is also a major cause behind all stomach diseases as well. According to a health survey, 97% of the students who have remarkable performance in their exams are those who eat healthy and follow a healthy lifestyle. Because they have attended school daily, so they can do better in exams.

3. More nutritious intake by eating breakfast

The meal taken in the breakfast helps you to grow and makes the inner immunity stronger. These nutritious components are very important to be eaten. It also makes the digestive system more active. The more actively body functions, the more active will be its mechanism. And as a result you will me more successful in everything. Or at least your health will not be one of the issues failing you. Breakfast items have more fiber, calcium C, vitamins and folic acid.

4. Eating breakfast helps weight control

Body shape, weight and such things are on top list of concern of us all these days. And there is an amazing fact to be shared with everyone that taking breakfast will help you reducing weight and maintain body shape. Yes, it’s true and most of the people are unaware of it. Normally we see obese kids, and not taking breakfast is one of those reasons. One person who is habitual of not eating breakfast will eat more in lunch than a person who eats breakfast. And result comes in the form of fat accumulation in the body. So, pro tip is to never skip your morning meal.

5. Why do some children still resist breakfast?

Many children read this is their books or their teachers advise them to take breakfast but they still resist. Why? This is the most important question here. They keep procrastinating and make lame excuses for not eating breakfast, one major reason is this. And they are flooded by things to do in the morning due to the bad habit of watching TV or playing video games late at night. They feel dizzy in morning and their stomach doesn’t show much appetite.

Secondly, most of them are not encouraged by their parents. When parent show negligible behavior towards eating or not eating breakfast then their kids think that it’s okay not to eat, also it’s the easy option for them. No matter what excuses your kids have, you must make it sure that they take their morning meal daily if you want to see them successful in life.

6. Creating healthy habits in your children

Creating healthy habits in your children can make them eat breakfast. At least parents should be concerned to solve this issue to resolve it. Here are some tips for you: As parent make sure that you have prepared everything to be used in morning a night before. So that you can give proper time to your kid in the morning and you could make sure to cook the best of their choice for them. Pro tip: Care is the magic key. Set up your alarm at least 15 minutes earlier from real time, so that you can have more time for breakfast.

TV, Video games should be strictly banned in the morning. Such things make kids lazy and they show poor performance whole day. Choose the food which takes less time in cooking. You can’t prepare the food of breakfast at night, it must be fresh. Cheese, fresh juices, boiled eggs, yogurt, oatmeal and whole grain cereals are one of the best nutritious choices for morning meals. For those who claim to have less hunger at morning fresh juices, milk, or a fruit smoothie is best. It’s not only healthy but also helps in increasing hunger. Least of the choice, those who don’t like such food, offer them home made cold pizza or some stuff made of chicken. But these should also be prepared at home.

7. Set a good example to your children: eat breakfast yourself

Seeing is believing! When your kids will see you eating breakfast they will automatically adopt this habit of eating in morning. The first role model of a child is his/her parents. So, make a habit of eating yourself. Share your morning meal with them.


Most of the time we are ignoring the most important things in life and complain why things are not going the way they should go? The reason lies in the part which we ignore, and still many of us don’t believe but morning meal is the key solution of it.