Where Can You Go to Travel in 2021

2021 is the Year of Hope

COVID-19 has shaken the world — this is a fact. Countries are facing total lockdowns, quarantines, and so on. The tourism industry has been in decline for the last year yet there are still lots of opportunities to experience the excitement of traveling in 2021. That is why it’s important to stay positive and just look for those opportunities! https://merbrands.com/hospitality/ offers various solutions for people who want their 2021 to be filled with excitement and new discoveries.

If you plan to stay sane during 2021 and explore the world, remember — there are lots of places to visit. Although traditional spots may be under restrictions due to pandemic relief policies, some places are worth your attention. That is why this list of places will come in handy if you decide to travel in 2021!

Costa Rica

Let us begin with Costa Rica — this location is known for some of the lowest COVID-19 fatality rates in the region. Costa Rica has lots of interesting places to visit but some are more worthy of mentioning than others. For example, the country set its focus on becoming highly sustainable and suitable for luxury vacation and that is why you can expect some impressive service when visiting Costa Rica.

The tourist industry of the country is focused on an eco-friendly approach to luxurious vacation; so, you’ll be able to easily find a hacienda to spend your time in Costa Rica. The country is known for a variety of adventure offerings such as surfing and whale watching; so, you’ll be able to find something for your taste.

New Zealand

One of the countries that were able to deal with the pandemic in the best way possible. New Zealand is also one of the best starting locations for your worldwide trip, especially if you are driven by some goal. After all, this country is famous for being a place where the legendary Lord of the Rings took place.

So, we have a great location with fantastic landscapes and a history with the world’s renowned trilogy of movies. This is a combination for any movie fan who wants to experience the fantasy world and nature lover as well.


This is a no-brainer. Egypt is basically a mass of interesting tourist locations with its ancient history and landmarks. Movie fans will adore this country, especially the ones who love The Mummy franchise! Ah yes, there are also the famous pyramids and other landmarks that are worthy of anyone’s attention.

Still, 2021 may be the year of Egypt as the Grand Egyptian Museum is expected to be opened this year. The largest archeological museum in the world, it will provide its visitors with some impressive exhibitions including all the items found in the tomb of Tutankhamun! So, keep Egypt in mind when planning your 2021 vacation.

Tahiti Islands

French Polynesia is a great destination for 2021 tourists. After all, a large part of 2020 celebrations, honeymoons, and similar events were put on hold but Tahiti Islands offer a perfect solution for these delayed events. After all, 118 islands provide tourists with a rare combination of luxurious yet remote vacation options.

What’s so interesting about the Tahiti islands? Well, tourists can enjoy a vacation that’s complemented with bungalows, villas, and other luxurious places to stay in. However, this luxury is perfectly contrasted by some simple water activities and other things that are traditionally associated with the beach lifestyle. So, Tahiti islands are perfect for people who want to relax while maintaining their lifestyle!


Of course, when we think of a perfect ocean trip, we imagine Maldives. These islands have been and continue to be a perfect destination for people who desire seclusion while retaining their lifestyles. The assortment of villas and hotels is just perfect for any tourist who decides to visit the Maldives in 2021.

All-in-all, Maldives provide similar perks as the previous entry on this list. However, an aspiring tourist should remember that the Maldives have been around for a long time; so, there’s the benefit of developed infrastructure and accommodation.


This entry is quite unorthodox in comparison to the previous entries that are mostly tropic in nature. Ireland is relatively small in comparison to the neighboring countries but this serves as an incentive to visit it. After all, you will be able to cover some of the best destinations that the country has to offer in a single trip.

Even more, this variety is what makes Ireland a perfect location for a 2021 trip. The ability to enjoy great shorelines, green countrysides, and authentic traditional pubs is just mesmerizing. So, keep this option in mind when considering a place to visit during your trip.  Click Dream Ireland for more information.


Sounds like a tale but it’s actually possible to visit it! Although Antarctica has been considered a region that’s exclusive for researchers only, it is possible to visit it as a tourist! It’s highly unlikely to meet COVID-19 if you’re sailing on a yacht to explore the cold waters of one of the most secluded regions in the world!

Antarctica is a great destination for those more daring people who want to experience something new. After all, have you heard about people rushing to the continent to chill beside a pool? No. Antarctica is a destination for people who want to get a feeling of a real explorer and that’s why you should consider this as your location for a 2021 trip.

Final Thoughts

Despite the COVID-19 lockdowns around the world, 2021 is a year of hope. Lots of countries have opened their borders and can welcome tourists from around the globe. This list of locations is useful for people who haven’t given up on the idea of traveling even despite the pandemic. After all, all the entries on this list have one thing in common — pandemic regulations are not that harsh. So, if you’re into traveling, these 7 locations can provide you with memorable experiences even during these hard times.