What Should You Do When Your Dog Scratches Your Bed Sheets?

While living with a furry friend is much better than being lonesome, it presents a set of challenges that you wouldn’t know about until you bring one home.

You may wonder and think, why does my dog scratch my bed sheets, and why do my shoes have bite marks? Living with a pet can be a roller coaster. Here’s everything you need to understand why your bed sheets are all scratched up!

What You Should Remember

Dogs are domesticated by humans for thousands of years. You see cute puppy videos everywhere and spare no opportunity to coo at them. It is difficult to believe that dogs are descended from wolves when you look at pups like a pug or Chihuahua.

Although they fit into our lives, they are stillborn with instincts that would have helped them survive in the wild. So, the next time you see your dog scratching your bed sheets, remember that they weren’t always so tame.

Why Do Dogs Scratch Bed Sheets?

One of the frequent questions that new dog owners have is why their dog scratches their bed sheets. There can be several reasons for this. While watching your dog scratch at the bed sheet can be entertaining, it is not easy to keep replacing them. Understanding the reason for your dog’s behavior can help you combat the situation better.

Instinctual Behavior

Dogs and other animals are born with instincts, and it can be difficult to resist those urges. Just like you, your pet also wants to be comfortable when they sleep, and the only way to do that is by adjusting their bed.

Although the bed you’ve provided may be soft and cozy, dogs have an instinctual urge to scratch at it since their wilder instincts are attracted to beds made of hard soil, twigs, and rocks. So, when you see your dog scratching away at your bed sheets, it is probably because they want to be more comfortable.

Territorial Behavior

No matter what you’ve seen on television, dogs don’t need to pee somewhere to express their territorial behaviors. Dogs have sweat glands in their paws that they use to mark their territories.

Hence, it is usual for them to make their sleeping area smell bad. Unfortunately, you’ve got to deal with some additional work while your dog is just trying to celebrate having its space.

Delicious Treats

Now it’s no secret that dogs are super sniffers; this can often cause them to hone over every smell. Sometimes their blankets may smell of treats or toys because they may have been kept close to the sheets, and your dog will scratch at the sheets in the hope of discovering it.

Creating a Nest

Pregnant dogs often spend days creating a soft and comfortable nest to give birth to their babies. However, even if your dog isn’t pregnant, they may have the urge to create a comfortable and cozy environment for themselves.

How to Stop Your Dog from Scratching Bed Sheets?

Once you’re familiar with the various reasons why your dog may be scratching up your sheets, it’s time to know how you can reduce this behavior. Unless you have a pregnant dog making a nest for its babies, it can be fairly easy to get your dog to stop scratching their sheets.

Apart from following a good diet for your dog, ensure that you also follow a specific cleaning routine. Try to use an odor-neutralizing cleaner for your dog’s bed sheets to ensure that they do not have the urge to scratch at unfamiliar scents.

If you suspect that your dog may be scratching the sheets due to the smell of treats, take the sheets away from its reach. At night, when your dog may be seeking warmth, lay a warm blanket over them to prevent them from scratching your sheets.

The common question of “why does my dog scratch my bed sheets?” has been answered for those who were unsure about it. Now that you know your dog a little better, go ahead and enjoy your scratch-free sheets!