What a Time We Had in New York!

On Sunday, April 27th, Dylan’s Candy Bar helped bring the Emerald City to the Big Apple—and what a great time it was. New Yorkers came out in force to help pay tribute to The Wizard of Oz and to join in the Dylan’s Candy Bar celebration of the film’s 75th Anniversary.

In addition to its new line of Oz-themed candy creations, Dylan’s delivered some delightful Oz attractions, including:

  • An Oz-themed Window Display designed by renowned Arsenal New York
  • An Oz-branded Photo Experience complete with costumes and props from Rubie’s Costumes
  • Oz “Ruby Slippers” Station with ‘slippers’ for DIY crafting and bedazzling
  • Oz Nail Art/Mini-Manicure Stations with nail polish provided by JulepTM
  • Special Appearances by Dorothy herself!

Additionally, the first 50 people who tweeted about The Wizard of Oz from the event received a special 75th Anniversary prize from Consumer Products.

As you can imagine, Dylan’s Candy Bar was the place to be in New York this past Sunday. If you’re an Oz fan living in Los Angeles and Miami, you could have also visited  Dylan’s Candy Bar on May 4, 2014, to experience that same Oz magic.