Ways to earn a decent living while being part of a tech industry

The possibilities of pursuing a career in the tech industry are limitless. It is by far the most active field of work on the planet, continuously evolving and introducing new career paths by each passing day. What this entails is that there will always be a career option that will suit you perfectly. People commonly mistake a tech-related job with minor IT jobs, which is an incorrect assumption. Hence, here are some ways to earn a decent living while being part of the tech industry.

Web Development

The high average income makes web development a feasible option for many individuals considering a career in the tech industry. Web developers are mainly responsible for designing and developing websites. They are required not only for the visual aspect of a website but also for performance, ease of access, layout, and stability.

Interestingly, the web development option is likely to grow exponentially in the coming years, making it one of the most demanded careers. While most web-developers have a decent educational background, individuals with high school degrees can also learn the skills by self-teaching.  Or by enrolling to Simplilearn’s Web Development Certification Course.

Data Engineering

Data engineers are professionals tasked with generating reliable interfaces and frameworks. The Usage of architecture is further for gathering tremendous amounts of data from multiple sources. While it may seem relatively straightforward, designing an architecture for amassing data from all over the internet is not simple. Data engineers require knowledge of numerous scripting languages, using them to create analytic data systems.

Since many people cannot distinguish data engineering from data science, a question arises: how to become a data engineer? Gaining success as a data engineer demands a solid foundation of systems architecture, programming, and database design.

Computer Programming

Another widespread career path that comes to mind, save for an IT related job, is computer programming. Programmers are known to live and breathe code. They are responsible for writing, modifying, and testing code for several platforms. Their expertise is not limited to one particular niche. Moreover, programmers must know several computer languages, such as C++, JavaScript, Python, and more. These individuals are capable of making different kinds of software and applications.

The only downside to this career option is that according to BLS, programming can be expected to see a gradual decline over the next few years. Furthermore, the average educational background for programmers is either a bachelor’s degree or above.

Computer & Information Systems Management

The individuals in this line of work are the experts who set IT goals and construct systematic plans for their completion. Like the average manager, they are responsible for producing long-term plans, assigning tasks, and overseeing the chief stages of an operation. Also known as IT project managers, these professionals must determine and allocate the required task force and staff.

Conclusively, overseeing all tech-related projects will be part of your job as a computer and information systems manager. The standard educational background is a bachelor’s degree for this option.

Software Systems Development

Software systems development is quite similar to standard software development. These developers investigate and construct systems-level software. So, various appealing industries require the skills of a systems developer. Following this career choice will allow you to work in the medical, military, technical, and manufacturing sectors. Nevertheless, the nature of this job requires a profound understanding of computer science, mathematics, and engineering.

Software Applications Development

Software development is categorized into two categories: application developers and system developers. The job demands the individual to analyze the client’s needs and produce an application for either computer or mobile devices. Depending on the type of application and client, the app needs to be optimized accordingly. For instance, a business app needs to be optimized for performance, while a casual app should be visually pleasing. Customization of the apps is also reliant on the targeted industry.

Database Administrator

Database administration is often seen as an oddball in the tech industry. These administrators do not create applications or software. However, they are responsible for storing, monitoring, and managing data. They are also responsible for providing the required data to the selected personnel, such as CEOs, co-workers, sales staff, and governmental officials. Data administrators work with finance and sales-related data, as well as customer records.

Moreover, the timely provision of such data will allow the sales staff to access a client’s previous orders and spending. Organizing the data and presenting it in such a manner that it is accessible to the sales rep is the prime objective of all database administrators.


Undoubtedly, every industry today requires assistance regarding computer systems and information technology. The fact alone proves that a job in the tech industry is pretty much guaranteed. However, to gain higher levels of success, you will need to aim for proper IT and technology hubs. Moreover, with success comes higher reward, but to be successful, challenging yourself and going beyond your limits is a necessity.