Understanding Rollover Accidents – All You Need To Know

Every year, thousands of individuals get injured or die in road crashes. Among the various types of accidents, rollover accidents steal the spot for being the most catastrophic ones. How they unfold, what the main reasons behind them are, and what can be done for prevention is crucial to know to spread awareness and save lives. 

Among many factors, speed plays a crucial role in rollover accidents. Sharp turns at high speeds can cause vehicles to lose control. Big vehicles like SUVs and trucks are at higher risk due to their tall and narrow build. Victims may experience long-term injuries impacting their entire life. Do not hesitate to speak to a Fort Wayne car accident lawyer to recover the medical compensation you deserve. 

What are the risk factors involved in a rollover accident?

  • Vehicle design: Vehicles such as pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs have a higher center of gravity and, therefore, are more prone to rollover accidents. 
  • Speeding: The most common cause of rollover accidents is overspeeding. An overspeeding vehicle is difficult to control. Sharp turns can cause the vehicle to flip over. 
  • Road conditions: Uneven and slick road surfaces reduce a vehicle’s stability. Flat tires or blowouts can also result in lost control and rollovers. 

What are the possible liable parties in a rollover accident?

  • Negligent drivers: If a driver’s negligence resulted in a rollover, such as overspeeding, reckless driving, or impaired driving, the driver may be held liable for the damages and the injuries.
  • Vehicle manufacturers: If there were manufacturing flaws in vehicles or defective design, such as faulty tires, poor braking, etc., the manufacturing company could be held liable for the damages sustained.
  • Government entities: If inadequate signs, hazardous road conditions, or poor road maintenance caused the vehicle to flip over, a government entity can be held liable for their part of negligence.
  • Third-party: In some cases, third parties, such as cargo loaders or construction companies, can also be held liable if their actions resulted in the rollover of the vehicle.

What are your legal options after a rollover accident in Fort Wayne?

Rollover accident victims have to face a complex process. In some cases, the driver’s negligence, such as overspeeding or reckless driving, causes the accident. A manufacturing company’s fault can also contribute to the accident. 

Insurance claims are a good option for getting compensation. However, it is more complex and covers only some of the damages. In the legal realm, evidence is crucial. Witness statements, accident reports, and medical records are vital. 

At last, statutes of limitation apply. This sets the time limit for filing a case. If the time limit is exceeded, the victim will lose their right to compensation.