Top 7 Things To Consider When Buying a Cruiser Bike

You’ll want to know the top things to consider when buying a cruiser bike. These bike models are best for leisure rides along flat terrain. They’re perfect for enjoying a relaxing trip along the beach, down the street, and more.

If you want to learn more about cruiser bikes, keep reading. These are all the top features to consider to help you get the perfect cruiser.

1. Check the Wheel Size

You’ll want to think about the wheel size of the bike. Most cruisers use 26 or 29-inch tires. These are thick tires, making travel over sand and other uneven surfaces easier. They can easily pass over debris.

The wheel size also provides more stability, making it easier to balance on the bike. Thicker tires will give you more shock absorption. So, if you suddenly hit a bump, you won’t feel it as much as you would with a thin tire.

In most cases, thicker tires will benefit you more when it comes to cruiser bikes.

2. Choose the Right Frame Size

Measuring yourself for a cruiser bike frame is easy. Start by taking a measuring tape and getting the measurement of your inseam, which is from the bottom of your feet up your inner thigh. Make sure to record this number somewhere in inches.

The inseam is what you use to find the frame size. Most bike websites will have a sizing chart with multiple inseams listed. You’ll want to choose the one that’s closest to your measurement.

However, look at your arm span if you’re in between sizes. Choose the taller frame if your arm span is longer than your height. You’ll want the shorter frame if your arm span is shorter than your height.

Men’s and women’s bikes have different frame sizes to consider. The men’s frames tend to be taller than cruising bikes for women, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. You can use either gender option if it fits your height and weight.

The frame size is one of the most important considerations when choosing a cruiser bike.

3. Your Budget

It’s also important that you consider your budget. You should set a reasonable, affordable budget for yourself before you start shopping for your new bike. You must do it before you start shopping because these cruiser bikes can get very pricey. You wouldn’t want to set your heart on a bike that ends up being too expensive.

You’ll want to consider which features and accessories you want to come with the bike. The more you want, the more expensive the bike will be. Some options include added storage space from a basket, a bell, or a motor when you choose an e-bike model.

Setting a bike budget is straightforward since you can start cycling with a more cost-efficient option.

4. The Frame’s Material

There are several materials that cruiser bikes can consist of. The most popular options include steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. Let’s break down each of these materials.

  • Steel: This metal is incredibly durable and offers more shock absorption than the other options. However, it’s the heaviest, making it less portable than the other frame types. It’s also usually a more cost-effective option.
  • Aluminum: These frames are lighter and much more portable. They’re easier to turn because they’re lighter.
  • Carbon fiber: This material is the least common and the most expensive. It offers both strength and durability.
  • Alloys: Some cruiser bikes also consist of a mixture of aluminum alloys. It resists rust and is lightweight. Different combinations of alloys will impact how durable the frame is overall.

You’ll want to choose the benefits of each frame material and what works best with your needs and budget.

5. Your Fitness Routine

You’ll want to think about why you’re getting a cruiser bike. They’re better for those who want a more relaxed ride. They offer more comfort and are excellent for riding along straight paths.

Cruiser bikes are low to the ground and keep you in a comfortable sitting position. They offer a low-impact workout, which is excellent for many cyclists.

If you want a bike for more intense workouts, choose a different frame. One of the best options for working out includes hybrid bikes. These bikes offer versatility and can help you get the most out of a daily workout.

You can incorporate a cruiser bike into your fitness routine easily. However, if you’re looking for a high-intensity workout, you may want to consider a different frame. A cruiser will provide you with less strenuous physical activity.

6. Research the Cruiser Bikes

You’ll need to research the cruiser models you’re interested in. You shouldn’t buy the first one you find online. Instead, take a few days to read about multiple bikes. You might find a great deal!

It’s also a good idea to check the bike’s reviews before you buy it. Many cyclists leave honest reviews about their experiences, making them a great resource. You’ll need to read many reviews to get the best idea of the bike.

You can also ask your friends and family what bicycle brands are their favorites. They’ll give you a more meaningful review than you could find online.

7. The Maintenance Levels

The Maintenance Levels

You must consider the amount of maintenance you’ll need to put into the cruiser bike. Some models require more than others, which can be a hassle if you’re not prepared to put that much work into the bike.

For example, you may need to fill the tires with air frequently. Cruiser bikes have thicker tires, so you’ll want to check the tire pressure often. You’ll also want to check on the brakes and chain to keep the bike in working condition.

Bike maintenance is easier if you have a bike shop nearby. However, not everyone has that option, meaning you might do most of the maintenance yourself.

You’re a Cruiser Bike Expert Now!

You’re a Cruiser Bike Expert Now

Now that you’ve read our guide, you’re a cruiser bike expert. You can use these considerations to choose the perfect bike model for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? You’ll love your new cruiser!