Top 20 Apocalyptic Movies of All Times

When it comes to movies, romantic ones are just a little too mainstream. Besides, everyone loves a little adventure here and there. They like to challenge themselves to check their limits. This can be done through a lot of ways. From going on a trip to a haunted house to watching a horror movie in a dark room, one can enjoy an adventure anywhere. But in our opinion, the movies that are related to apocalypse, provide the best kind of adventure.

It is a known fact that every human being wants to know how this planet will fall apart eventually. Binge-watching apocalyptic seasons and movies can give you the chills that are scary, but enjoyable too. If you are bored with watching all the dull romantic movies, and you like to experience a thriller, then you will love the following movies:

I Am Legend (2007)

When we talk about apocalyptic movies, I Am Legend will always be the show stopper. The movie follows the story of how a man, along with his dog, faces and fights an apocalypse in a city stranded by humans and filled with strange creatures that are hungry to turn everyone into one of them. 

Watch as Will Smith struggles with solitude and apocalypse, trying to find his way back to the human race.

28 Days Later (2002)

You’ll question all your fears you’ve ever had, as you watch this sci-fi movie where the spread of an incurable virus throughout the UK is turning its victims into nothing but a monster. 

Four weeks after the spread, the movie takes us on a journey of a few survivors that struggle to find sanctuary, without being infected. The question is, how long before they get infected, too? 

The best part about this movie is when you’re done with it there’s a sequel waiting for you as well; 28 Weeks Later, released in 2007.

The Mist (2007)

A normal day at the supermarket, in a small town, turns out to be not so normal when strange blood-thirsty creatures find their way to earth. 

Locked up in the space together, humans turn on humans as they strive to find a way to escape from the deadly lockdown in the supermarket. This movie highlights religious, logical, and aggressive personalities that all try to work their own ways out of the situation.

Viral (2016)

A strange parasite is taking over a town in the USA. And it doesn’t just affect the infected, it also attacks and infects others. With the quarantine imposed on the town, and strict laws implemented, a young girl fights, not just for herself, but to save her infected sister too. 

With the constant risk of losing her sister, and being infected herself, how will Emma manage to make through this quarantine with her crush finding refuge in their home? Find out by watching this amazing apocalyptic masterpiece.

War of the Worlds (2005)

Combine the thrill of an apocalypse with some classic Tom Cruise action in this movie revolving around an alien invasion. The storyline follows a man that is fighting to save not only his relationship with his children but their lives as well. In the middle of all this chaos, Tom struggles to find his way to a safe place for his kids. 

In the process, he learns all the responsibilities as a father that he had missed out on. 

2012 (2009)

We all remember the hysteria that spread as the rumor about the world ending in 2012 hyped like wildfire. And of course, there’s a movie on it that revolves around the story of a writer in the time of apocalypse. As the world is struck with blow after blow, and humanity is at the risk of being wiped out, this writer is determined to keep safe and protect his family through the catastrophe.

The Happening (2008)

Humans have been messing with nature for far too long, and it is time that nature strikes back. As this plague spreads, everyone that is infected goes on to kill themselves. 

In the wakening of this apocalypse, the movie follows the story of how a science teacher, along with his wife and a little girl, struggles to understand the plague and survive it. 

Will they be able to win this fight against nature? Find out by watching it!

Oblivion (2013)

This blockbuster is another action-packed apocalyptic movie starring Tom Cruise. The earth is getting destroyed and rendered uninhabitable by an apocalypse. And the stranded planet is now no good, but still contains a few useful resources. A veteran is sent to earth so that he can collect the needed resources. But on his mission, he faces questions of not just his survival, but of his identity too. 

Will he be able to complete his mission? Or the quest of his identity will mark the beginning of a new mission? 

Shaun of the Dead

Lighten up your mood with this comedy horror movie that will take you on an apocalyptic journey that will have you doubling over in laughter. 

A man who has lived a highly uneventful life will find out that things are about to get pretty bad. With the zombie apocalypse hitting the earth, this man finds himself being stuck in a fight against the walking dead, with two other fellows. 

Pontypool (2008)

A virus is breaking out in the city of Ontario. This deadly virus has everyone gripped in fear. Follow the movie as the radio host goes on in his attempt to interpret the outbreak. 

This horror-thriller is directed to make sure that you remain on the edge of your seat. From flesh-eating zombies to a rapidly dropping world count, there is everything that you would expect from an excellent apocalyptic movie.

The Quiet Earth (1985)

This one is from the early 80s, but we all know how the saying goes, old is gold. If you’re looking for an apocalyptic movie that is all about solitary survival, then this one is the right pick for you.

Follow this man’s journey as he wakes up as the last man on earth, finding only two other survivors and learns that the biggest threat to him maybe the mankind itself.

The Road (2009)

Apocalypses are all about fear and horror, but in this masterpiece of a movie, you will experience an element that is ever-present on a very subtle note. Yes, Drama. An apocalypse has hit this world, and earth is no longer a safe place to reside in for mankind. 

In this post-apocalyptic scenario, a man embarks on a journey with his son. As they travel to the sea, the sick father struggles to stay alive and provide his son protection.

Zombieland (2009)

We can’t just recommend a list of apocalyptic movies without mentioning this masterpiece. Zombieland is another comedy-horror spin that takes you an on apocalyptic journey filled with hilarious misadventures. 

The story of this movie revolves around an apocalypse in America and how a shy student from Ohio tries reaching to his family but gets entangled with a tough guy and two sisters on his way.

After Earth (2013)

Will Smith is known for his action and drama movies, and his son, Jaden Smith, never disappoints us. This post-apocalyptic movie and the adventure of a young boy that is still learning to ask the right questions will leave you in awe. 

Follow his journey as he is stranded on the planet and struggles to send out a cry of help to all the companions that have left for good.

12 Monkeys (1995)

An exhilarating mix of time-travel and the apocalypse, this thriller will have you on the edge of your seat all the time. The movie follows the journey of a convict who is sent from a post-apocalyptic world, back in time, to the rise of the apocalypse. 

In an attempt to recover from the damage, the convict must gather whatever information he can about the man-made virus that wiped out the human population.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

We’ve all heard that the glaciers are melting. But this movie will take you on account of the possible disasters that global warming could lead to.

It revolves around the story of a man who is making a brave and daring journey in order to find his son. But the rapidly changing weather, the sudden storm and the new ice age do not favor his cause, leaving his son in greater danger, and him in a race against the clock.

Cloverfield (2008)

In the storyline of this amazing film, a monster is on the loose. The City of New York is under attack, and a group of teens thinks they are prepared. They go on to venture the streets, on a rescue mission, but whatever they had thought of, they were clearly not prepared for what was about to hit them. Watch the movie to find out how this group of friends tried to escape an apocalypse.

Following this movie is 10 Cloverfield Lane that tells yet another tale of this monster attack in times of desperation.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

In 1951, the box office was hit by “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. But what was appreciated more was its remake that got released in 2008 by Scott Derrick’s son. The remake of the 1951 movie follows the tale of a single day, 12th December 2008. The day is marked by the visit of an alien that comes, not alone but, with a giant robot. 

How does the world deal with this unexpected visit, and what is its purpose? Watch to find out.

Bird Box (2018)

This Netflix original made a huge impact on the box office when it was released. For a very long time, it was all the hype on social media. With its unique storyline that hits you when you see it, this movie will surely keep you in suspense till the very end. 

The story of a mother and the two kids trying to find a safe sanctuary is a brave and fear gripping one that you definitely need to watch. 

A Quiet Place

In this movie, the world is plagued by deadly creatures that can’t see or smell, but hunt by their hearing senses. In such an apocalyptic world, a family has found their sanctuary underground in the basement. But with kids that want to see the world and a baby on the way, how will this family survive? 

Follow as the father teaches methods of survival and how the kids learn to take responsibility in the middle of an apocalypse. 


The movie time is supposed to bring joy and pleasure. Watching the same kinds of movies every single time can turn this joy into boredom. But you can change your taste by shuffling your priority genres every now and then. So, gather your friends, put on a film from the list, and experience a ride of thrill and adventure.