Thoughts on Baseball Equipment

The best person to ask about baseball is the coaches who will tell you from experience the things that you might want to know about the game, the equipment, or the players. The coaches give the best baseball reviews because they must know what is best for their players in order to win the games. We took some advice given by the coaches to pass it on to you who would like to know more about equipment or baseball techniques.

Coaches Baseball Review on Bats

Baseball Monkey made a list of the best baseball bats, and while there are different types featured on this list, the overall opinion of many is that the best bats are those that are full composite bats.  The aluminum bats are not consider as technological advanced as the full composite bats. It does depend on what you are looking for when you select your bat. Those who want a bat that will last longer for little league teams may select the aluminum bat. Just remember that a full composite bat requires a longer break in period and they do not perform as well in colder weather. You might want to consider these things before you select the best bat for your team.

Coaches Baseball Review on Gloves

The quality of the glove depends on the grade of leather and the way the glove is constructed by the manufacturer. The highest quality gloves are made from heavy leather, which takes time to be broken in for good play. The glove user should use glove oil to help break in the leather in order to soften it for the players use. You should not use any type of oil that contains silicone that is too harsh for leather gloves. The major difference between baseball gloves and baseball mitts is that gloves have fingers while the mitts do not have fingers.

Coaches Baseball Review on Baseballs

The baseball manufacturers all proclaim that they produce the best baseball. The fact is that there are many brand name baseballs that are excellent to use when it comes to playing baseball. The pitcher determines which baseball feels the most comfortable for them when they pitch the games. The top producers of baseballs are the following:

  • Wilson
  • Rawlings
  • Champro
  • Baden
  • Diamond
  • Worth


These are all considering being good baseballs to use when playing a baseball game. Professional pitchers use one of these brands when they are pitching a game. The Coaches Baseball Reviews all usually agree about the fact that the best equipment is what makes the player perform at his best.