Things to Do in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most vibrant countries in Southeast Asia. It’s adorned with spectacular attractions and breathtaking vantage points that make this destination a tropical paradise. During your trip, there’s a good chance you’ll end up falling in love in Vietnam – both with its dark past and lively present.  One thing is for sure you will want to check out the tourist secrets Asia guide for great destinations for any visit to Asia.

There are many things to do throughout the country, from sipping Bia Hoi with the locals to exploring the largest cave in the world. If you’re looking for stuff to do in Vietnam, here are some of the exciting activities you shouldn’t miss:

Visit the largest cave in the world: Hang Son Doong

The province of Quang Binh is surrounded by many wonders of nature including the largest cave in the world, the Hang Son Doong. This is a top destination for cave explorers and trekkers. Aside from Hang Son Doong, you can also explore other caves that dot the town of Phong Nha.

In this town, you can hire local guides so you can safely go underground. Always practice caution before spelunking.

Be enchanted by Hoi An’s night lanterns

Each year, the locals celebrate Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. During the day, Hoi An is a bustling city with street performances and traders selling their goods. But at night, it turns into a whimsical Lantern Festival. More than 50 craftsmen participate in this celebration where they display small and large lanterns that light up the streets.

Even if you can’t join the lantern lighting, you’ll be mesmerized by thousands of yellow lanterns floating on the river.

Taste the best Pho in town

What the heck is Pho?” I hear you ask. This dish is a Vietnamese staple made from rice noodles, clear stock, broth, and meat. Some add slices of green onions and other herbs. Almost every restaurant and street vendor sells this heart-warming food. If you see locals seated in colorful stools at the side of the street, you’ll know that Pho is being served. If you want to taste the best Pho, head to the capital, Hanoi.

Cruise Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of the gems of Vietnam. It is home to more than 1,600 limestone towers that you can witness by cruising along the bay. Day in and day out, hundreds of boats bring tourists to this spectacular destination. In fact, a Vietnam trip wouldn’t be complete without joining one of these cruises. Take note, however, that the large bay can become crowded during peak season. If you want, you can head to Bai Tu Long Bay just a few kilometers away from Halong.

Visit Ho Chi Minh’s place of rest

Despite having a city named after him, Vietnam’s renowned revolutionary Ho Chi Minh was laid to rest in Hanoi. Locals fondly call him Uncle Ho and his remains rest at the eponymous mausoleum. At the same place, you can check out exhibits and other historical displays that will give you a glimpse of Vietnam’s bloody past.

If you’re heading to Ho Chi Minh Museum, bring a lot of patience as the queue can get really long during peak season.

While these are the highlights, there are many more things to do in Vietnam. In every turn, there are wonders worth exploring.