The Power of Solar Power – Get Plugged In!

California is leading the way in using green and renewable sources of energy including solar power. Many homes are using solar power in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and other cities nearby. Other homeowners through out the country are considering solar power as they learn more about the benefits to the environment and the financial savings which can be gained.

FACT: the SEGS system in Calfornia’s Mojave desert is the largest in the world.

Solar powered homes are more than the most recent “hot” (pardon the pun) trend. They’re are becoming a viable alternative to depending upon the local electric or natural gas companies to heat your home and power your home life. In fact, homes which use solar power in are considered to be a smart investment not only in the money they save but also for saving the environment. Plus there is the fact that your doing something positive for your environment.

The Benefits of Solar Power

Everyone knows the problems and issues associated with using fossil fuels. They pollute the environment and increasingly less and less cost effective. The idea of not depending upon an energy source which requires us to purchase oil from foreign countries and use one that is free – the sun. There are so many benefits to using solar power it truly makes sense.

Think about the current Obama administration’s push to use alternative fuels. The President of the United States had solar panels added to portions of the White House to demonstrate how important he feels about the use of solar power as an energy source. Perhaps the fact they’re using solar power at the White House isn’t enough of an incentive to choose this for your own home. Consider the following points in your decision process:

Solar power is environmentally friendly and it doesn’t cause pollution, release carbon monoxide or negatively impact the surrounding ecosystem. In fact, if more homes started using solar power it could have a big impact on air pollution. The combination of solar energy providers, solar power homes and solar power cars can start to have a significant impact on our environmental quality.

Installing Solar Panels – a Good Investment for Your Home and Business

Solar panels enable you to stop depending upon fossil fuels and the local electrical or gas companies to provide electricity to your home or business. They can be used to power almost every appliance and type of equipment a you own. With rolling black outs happening in California and Texas during high energy use, this might help to overcome those conditions.

Solar power itself is renewable and free. The cost of installing solar panels can seem steep to begin with and have to be considered as an investment in your home. You also might be able to get special tax rebates or tax incentives for switching over to solar power. Many states including California provide incentives for using renewable energy.

Solar electric systems are constructed to last many years. Over time, solar power can save you money. The solar-electric power system, when professionally designed and installed by solar experts can reduce your dependency on the electric company. The system generates electricity while it is sunny outdoors and any excess energy not used might be able to be “stored” with the electric company for use when it’s not so sunny. You do have to remain connected to the electric company, but you can be generating your own power a good majority of the day.